From the Desk of John Rourke – May 14th, 2015

The Sun Oven Webinar just finished and I have to say it was extremely educational. I learned a lot about sun cookers and specifically the Sun Oven cooker. Quite a fantastic survival and preparedness tool but also super fantastic for daily use as well.

The webinar was open to members of the Patriots. I was very pleased that Paul – the owner of – offered all those participating in the webinar a HUGE discount of over $130. Members can still take advantage of this special offer through Monday night at midnight(May 18th). Members can visit the Patriot’s Sun Oven Webinar Page for information on how to view a recorded replay of the webinar and get information on the special sale.

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My youngest son got a case of strep throat last week. The treatment? Amoxicillan. Something to remember. Antibiotics are so very important. I am getting ready to order some additional to add to the stockpile.

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AMTRAK train crash – horrible. My prayers are with the victims and their families.

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Sunscreen: It’s getting to be that time of year where people are outside more and getting extended exposure to the sun. Be the hero and throw a bottle of SPF 50 or higher lotion in your car and offer up to those….not prepared.

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Latest picture of Jake and Bella:


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  1. Do you have any cats in the house ?? If you find your kids getting strep throat frequently take cats to vet They could be the carrier

  2. Great pic of your dogs. One thing I did was document in a journal what medicine is given for each problem. Over time you will see a pattern/dosage amount based on history, then you can use the data collected.

  3. Rourke,

    I learned this week that sunscreen expires, who knew? A coworker of mine received the worst burn in his life while covered in expired sunscreen while at an air show. He said the doc told him to always make certain the sunscreen has an experation date on the container prior to purchase, good intel.


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