From the Desk of John Rourke – May 13th, 2015

There are times when I sit in my living room and my mind wanders to the things I am ignorant of. The experiences other humans have had in war, terror, and things unimaginable – I can only ponder. The sheer evil that I and most others have been sheltered from…well…..we need to be enlightened for our own good. This evil will not remain overseas and there are many indications our borders have been well infiltrated.

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I have been called an “alarmist” and a “fear monger” numerous times. I find it amazing as compared to many – even like-minded friends – I am fairly tame. I respect others opinions and do not actively attack those that fail to agree with mine. Well – that is not true. It depends on the method which someone expresses their opinion.

I’ll provide a couple examples:

Abortion: When a Liberal comes out and expresses unfettered support for abortion for any reason – well – I struggle to respect that opinion. What is amazing is more often than not those very same people who support abortion are totally against capital punishment and would hang you by your skivvies should you affect a single Delta smelt fish in California.

Hillary: Hillary Clinton recently came out in a speech that was very anti-religious citing that “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.” In other words – people that have religious beliefs about, well, pretty much anything must change their opinion because they do not agree with the Liberal, Progressive agenda.


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I am looking forward to the Sun Oven Patriots Webinar tonight. It is going to be very educational.

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On the lighter side……


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  1. did you hear the clip of people on the street being asked why they liked Hillary Clinton? When they answered that she stands up for womens rights and equal pay…They the person asking the questions tells them as a NY senator Mrs. Clinton paid her female staff $0.72 of what men were paid…….they were dumbstruck.
    Liberals/progressives/statists, they are all the same. They believe in free speech and tolerance as long as it alines with their beliefs.

  2. John, if your an alarmist then so to would be the Boy Scouts, be prepared. I am glad that auto manufacturers are thinking of the safety of squirrels instead od people,

  3. Okay.. deep breath and long comment.

    You sir….are no alarmist. Fear monger? Pffft…please. I find that hilariously ignorant and just plain stupid from those who could not understand you. Not to mention their lack of education, period. Even stock holders are VERY aware of the economic situation and people take extra steps for their health. So I guess they’re “alarmist” too? Why, myself with out getting to political. It wasn’t until my later years and blatantly now, how pissed off I got when I discovered rhinos in the republican party. All those years and I did not know the truth myself. People only need to go to real alarmist websites like Alex Jones. I apologize if I offend anyone by stating that. Alex has good information and I do go to his site sometimes and I mean..rarely. However, the “sky is not falling” every,…single,…day. People like Alex who feel such deep conviction to try and wake people up about the truth. Propels him to try “to hard” to wake people up if you will. However, he’s just a light weight compared to some of the other sites I’ve been too. I find your well reserved and protectiveness of the people on this website perfect. It’s clear your a good Shepard.

    There are some preparers in my personal opinion who are going full tilt with getting off the grid. They are not crazy, it’s their freedom to choose, I do not disrespect them, and if that’s what they choose then God Bless them. I’m not there, yet. I’m trying to give my family the best of this country before it’s gone all while preparing. That’s preparing also. Immersing them in the country so that if it all goes boom they know why we fight or what we will try to restore. Minus the current liberal agenda. I gave up trying to wake people or honestly caring what they think. Having a website would be a different story. I would love to do what your doing every single day if I could. I would do it from home and pour all my attention into it. However, the current job just barely meets the needs I have now and any down time would crush my family. When I discuss things that remotely sound like prepping. Which again is very rarely, I use the terms like hurricane preparation and then say, what are you going to do when a hurricane hits? Go fight the gas lines and grocery stores for food before and after? That usually leaves them speechless, because we know they are not even prepared for a simple hurricane.

    When you reveal that the economy is not, just getting on Facebook, twitter, or just getting on the internet. It shocks the sleeping person when you reveal the truth of what’s really going on and the devastation their mind cannot comprehend results in such responses. So anyway, what your doing Rourke has put you so far ahead of them and most of us. I’m guessing, not sure, but guessing if someone responded to me as an alarmist or what not. I think I would feel sorry for their children, because they would/will be the real victims. Just have to shake my head in disbelief and walk away. Which is why I stopped talking to people about it. I think that’s right about the time I came across your website. If the topic presents itself I always keep it focused on hurricanes. They are never prepared and I’m not wasting my breath or time on anyone who’s acting ignorant like you’ve mentioned here. I don’t have the time..or energy to engage with such people. This includes some of my own family circle outside my wife or kids. They are on their own when it hits.

    When it comes to like-minded friends. It’s very disheartening, because I grew a bond with some. However, I’ve found out that several really weren’t like minded other than concerns and really didn’t want to take the effort to prepare. So be it then. I would never bring the topic up to them again and would/still try to maintain good fellowship. Unfortunately, for them when it hits the fan. I KNOW they are going to come by my house or even call me. However, if they come to my house looking for help. They will find us gone. And if they can call, it’s going to be like, Remember the neighbor hood dogs. I suggest you start shooting them for food now and good luck. End of call. This is also why even when I discussed potential land locations I never said exactly where. I don’t want them coming and I don’t want their help. This of course begins the road to forming a MAG. It’s really upsetting to me and I struggle some times. Some of our small MAG have fallen away and others have joined to stay. We started with just 2 of us putting it together and if only 2 of us,(including wife, kids, etc) were the full size of our group. Then that’s what I’m counting on and preparing them for. Gently,…that is.

    Not that your saying your discouraged, but if you do become discouraged. And all of use do from time to time. It happens. Don’t stay have all of us here to fellowship with until you put your local group together.

    Since I’ve been long winded, if you will. I will say about Hillary and the other stuff. It’s just disgusting, pathetic, and never ceases to amaze me. Especially, the fact the people keep following, “people” like her. That’s even more scarier. Those *beep* fools would follow her off a cliff.

  4. I feel like those ISIS a$$holes are coming. You have to take them at their word. Same thing with Iran, if they get a nuke (and they will) be prepared to wake up one morning and see a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. As for the abortion thing, my wife and I agree to disagree but I fear that the Almighty is going to judge the USA harshly. Just one mans opinion. Stay safe Friends. Doc

  5. I pray you don’t have to be enlightened by combat, war or terror. It’s not the movie version, the sights, sounds and smell are something you never get rid of.

  6. I to am afraid of what is to come what ever it is it AINT GOOD the southern border is a joke anyone can walk in anytime the want if they have the knowledge and to very honest that scares the crap outa me

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