From the Desk of John Rourke – May 12th, 2015

I have had well over 4000 rounds through my Stag AR – not a single failure to feed, failure to eject, or jam of any kind. The only malfunction I have ever experienced was two failures of a round to detonate. Both were while shooting Monarch steel cased .223 rounds.

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Tornado season is fast approaching and in fact well underway in certain areas. Excellent reason to stock up on some supplies AND keep those supplies somewhere else other than your home.

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I have a Strike One pistol on the way. I have been told by the CEO of International Firearm Corporation personally that the Strike One is the most unique pistol made in the world. Well, that is saying a lot. We’ll see…….


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Capt. Michaels suggested watching this video.

I agree.

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Panhandle Rancher sent in this mp3 of an advertisement for a concealed weapons class…….really good:



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  1. Man, we need another president Reagan, dont know if true leaders like that exists in politics anymore but I sure hope so! Amen on the concealed carry class! I like how he thinks!

  2. Round detonation! Good grief..glad you weren’t hurt…and perhaps I should stay away from Monarch, heh. Americans that come to this website and take a brave stand like Rourke, PR, and so many of you. Thank you for reminding me why I stand proudly beside you.

  3. Capt. Michaels- yes United we stand…. or divided we fall.. We give one another courage and strength by being here together. Arlene

  4. You meant misfired, i.e. did not burn immediately: “hang fire”, or total lack of ignition. A “detonation” will make you very unhappy, and usually happens under 3 conditions: 1- too little powder; 2 -too much powder; 3 – wrong powder burning too fast. There can be other reasons also. With a revolver, generally speaking, a “detonation” will result in rupture of the case, splitting the cylinder apart, or cracking or breaking the frame. In a semi-automatic the barrel will split, the case will rupture, and the slide, frame, or both may be damaged. A detonation is in fact an explosion, which powder makers strive to create the powder so that that cannot happen. I suggest you look at the primer strike mark on the two cases that failed to fire. You may need a stronger firing pin spring. I don’t know where the Monarch brand comes from, but if it is foreign produced product from the old East Bloc, they may be using military primers, which are harder than our USA commercial primers. And examine the cases very carefully for any signs of cracking around the neck, a bright pressure ring at the bottom of the case above the extractor groove, and any bulging of the case. Were I in your, place, I would pick 15 or 20 cases at random and inspect them with a 10x magnifying lens. And check to see if the primers are loose in their pockets. That is a dead give away that pressures are too high or the chamber is improperly cut.

    I know it’s hard to resist this cheap steel cased stuff from who knows where. I shot competition for several years, and always used either Lake City or a high grade commercial, such as Federal’s Gold Medal Match. However, commercial ammo is just too expensive except if you are rich, going to a match, or hunting on an expensive license.

    What you have described is exactly the reason I don’t buy that stuff: how are you going to get your firearm fixed at their expense when they are way over there and you are way over here? Answer: you are SOL. American ammo: I can arrive at your front door and make some people extraordinarily unhappy if I must. I’d rather not, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. Moral of the story: When it’s a possible or even probable life and death situation your plans are built on, don’t try to go cheap. John Ruskin WAS RIGHT!!

    • dhconner – appreciate the info. I have shot a ton of steel cased with little problem. For me it is totally worth it. Yes – I meant that the round failed to fire(FTF). Nothing to investigate – just a couple of duds.

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