From the Desk of John Rourke – May 11th, 2015


Man – this year is flying by.

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Was asked by reader George about firearm magazine storage – both loaded and empty. He was curious if I knew of any good storage systems. I have to admit that beyond having loaded magazines in a couple of vests/pouches  – my empties reside in a cardboard box inside a plastic tote along with other defensive supplies.


I have had my eye on a MTM Tactical Mag can which holds 15 magazines. Looks to be a great way to organize, store, and transport magazines. Anyone have any experience with the Tactical Mag can?

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It is amazing that Tom Brady and his involvement in “deflategate” is getting more attention from the public than Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and her wiping it clean.

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One of the biggest drawbacks of not having cable or satellite is not watching the news. I do listen to it on my satellite radio in my Jeep when I am driving. It is not infrequent that I get asked if I get about “this” or “that” and I haven’t. It takes me a day or two to catch up checking out Internet news sites.

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Just saw that A. American – author of the Going Home book series  – has recently released a Kindle-only book. It is called “Ramblin Man“. It is a shorter story at 130 pages and cost only $1.99.

Anyone read it yet?







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16 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – May 11th, 2015”

  1. I know as far as news, being that my only source is the antennae TV, radio, or internet, I typically am online looking at news more than anything. Local isn’t too much of a priority for me…
    Not read it yet… Sounds like another book I’ll be getting…

  2. I just started 299 Days and its almost impossible to set down-thus 1 am comes fast.Its tough to read about children being abused but I am getting past that part.
    We are finally getting some much needed rain.The lilacs, dandelions and apple trees are all blossoming at the same time- a first for our area. Arlene

  3. I agree about the Tom Brady (over) exposure, it amazes me that the American sheeple will forget about all of the Klinton crimes over the past 25 years +- and still vote for her, same goes for the BridgeGate ‘scandal’, more people are complaining about a 1 day traffic jam than the lives of 3 Americans in Benghazi. Of course, it really could be “A vast right-wing conspiracy”

  4. There may be some better HDTV Antenna’s out there so if anyone else knows of one let us know. I’ve been using the Terk series and so far pleasantly surprised. I did a little research, but not a lot like I usually do. It was only $40, but seems to be going up in price due to reputation. We went with this one:

    We pick up 60 channels, but like just like satellite for some odd reason, some channels will pixel on us. Usually we can scoot the antenna a little left or right and it fixes the problem. Unlike the old days were you got stuck manipulating the clothes hanger. Like Rourke said…we really wanted the local news, which it picks up crystal clear. Here is one person’s review on YouTube and of course this may not be to your liking.

  5. I have two of the mag cans. One labeled and loaded with .300BLK and the other 5.56 mags. As well as the 15 mags there is still space for a few other small items or two more loose mags. Great way to grab 450+ loaded rounds and go. I may get a couple more. Much better than a static mag rack.

  6. After reading the Going home series, I jumped on this book! I have only just started reading it, I will let you know what I think as soon as I finish it. 🙂

      • OK…I finished the book last night. It is a good book, but I honestly expected a little more from the Author (A. American). Like I said, after reading the entire “Going Home” series, I was excited to find this.

        I didn’t find the main Character(David) to be very likable in the beginning. I can only assume that his character will change as the series evolves and he comes to grip with the fact that the world has changed forever.

        Other Characters in the story are however very likable and show great promise. This book seems to take on some of the more realistic life challenges that I would actually expect in an actual SHTF situation.

        As usual with this Author, his relaxed righting style and attention to detail has created a really nice plot that promises to be a wonderful read. I definitely recommend it, just remember it is the beginning of a story and not the entire story it’s self.

        Good Reading!

  7. “…“deflategate” is getting more attention from the public than Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and her wiping it clean.”

    More circuses and gladiators to deflect the public’s short attention spans.

  8. Given the prevalence cheap well engineered waterproof metal US Government ammunition boxes, I cannot understand why anyone would want a plastic box. Of course I remember when anything from Japan was considered cheap and plastic was even worse.

    Regarding magazine springs, my father taught me to always load one round short. Turns out that some military magazines would take that extra round with force and then fail to feed. I made the acquaintance of a good mechanical engineer in later years. He was of the opinion that metal springs weaken when changing tension, i.e. upon compression or relaxation. If so, then one is better off leaving the magazine topped rather than partially unloaded.

    Having carried a for real combat pistol in hot desert sands, this I know: box magazines called clips in the vernacular, exposed to blowing sand should be disassembled and cleaned ever month or so; otherwise once a year with infrequent firing should be fine. Ammunition exposed to high heat will be fickle and any such should be shot off at the range on a frequent bassi.


  9. We have an HDTV antenna from Sportsman’s Guide. It was only around $30 and it works great. Also, if you have a Roku box (and some others maybe?) you can get Sling TV streamed to your to it now. With Sling TV we get the major ESPN channels including SEC network as well as CNN, TBS, TNT, ABC Family, Disney, Food Network, History Channel, HGTV, A&E, etc for $25/mo. Lots cheaper than satellite or cable and it gets us basically everything we want when combined with the free HDTV network channels, free Roku streaming channels, Netflix ($8/mo), and Amazon (PPV).


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