From the Desk of John Rourke – March 9th, 2015

The membership program is coming along nicely. I have lined up some online vendors that are providing special discounts and I am working on some unique articles and downloads. Will up everyone when I have more information.

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Yesterday was over 70 degrees – beautiful day. Peaked my interest and thoughts around gardening. The main garden has a few weeds I need to dig up and the raised bed is covered. Hopefully this coming weekend will be nice so I can get to work.Last year I planted less than normal yet production was the same or even better. This is evidence that I had previously overcrowded plants.

My two husky’s have taken over my blackberry bed burying bones in it.

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Speaking of husky’s – here is my latest picture of Jake and Bella:


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This situation with Hillary using a homemade server for all of her emails as Secretary of State is blatant. It’s blatantly obvious she did it as to control emails she would provide to governmental archives. Even more ridiculous is that Obama came out and said he found out about her having a private email address on the news. Really? Like Hillary never email Obama.

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Flight 370 is still missing. You remember. This is the Malaysian jetliner that disappeared about a year ago and for weeks theories went from one end of the spectrum to the other as to what happened.


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    • John is an internet troll that frequents MSO and writes nothing but negativity without contributing anything. He does it under different names each time. It gets ridiculous dealing with people that have nothing better to do but to criticize.

      Just an FYI – no – From the Desk of will not be behind any “paywall”.

  1. Wow 70. We tapped maple trees yesterday with our grand children.Spring is around a corner-but here its a long corner.
    May Hillary and her husband soon be gone from politics . Arlene

  2. I could not bear to listen to Hillary today. It will be a miracle if our beloved nation survives this administration. Arlene

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