From the Desk of John Rourke – March 30th, 2015

Started “Spring Cleaning” this past weekend. Spent a lot of time organizing my garage and supplies. Used gallon ziploc bags to put together charging cables for my Baofeng handhelds. Pretty much created a small “communications” tote with all my radios in it.

Organized all my defensive supplies including ammo, magazines, cleaning supplies, optics, holsters, etc.

More to do…….

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I have been a so-so Glenn Beck fan for quite some time. I subscribe to Blaze TV but go through spurts of watching. Last week or so there has been some really good programming. Larry Vickers has a new show covering all things firearms.

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Just started putting together two “EMP Emergency Kits”. These consist of two 40mm ammo cans. Gathering the items to place in the containers and plan to use the Matryoshka doll method of protection. This involves placing the items inside a metal container – which is then placed inside a metal container – and then placed inside another metal container. This provides multiple layers of protection against the pulse.

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Got any Walking Dead fans out there? You’ll like this…..



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  1. An old filing cabinet works great for EMP storage and is really cheap way to do it . I do cover over the crack around the drawers with metalized tape .
    Hope that helps ,
    Robert W

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