From the Desk of John Rourke – March 2nd, 2015

Enjoyed my time off over the weekend and I needed the time off. Did not accomplish a whole lot. My wife and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. I am not one that makes a big deal out out of my own birthdays and anniversaries. I should. Guess getting a little older I could care less about my own birthday.

I also picked up a new cell phone – a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I don’t care much for Apple products though I know they are ultra reliable and work perfectly most of the time.  I have a Blackberry for work but picked up the Note 4 to stay better in touch with readers and be able to connect via social media a bit more.

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There are some common things we can do every day to help ensure our survival….like chewing our food.

I was out with a couple fellow group members – we’ll call them “Rick” and “Ralph”. I was stuffing my face and ended up getting something caught in my throat. I tapped on Ralph and pointed to my throat and he jumped into action seeing it was obvious I could not breath. He performed the heimlich and the food was dislodged from my throat.

Embarassing? Yes – but a lesson learned. Ralph is an EMT but the heimlich is something everyone should know how to do.

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SHTF Knife Contest Results: This contest which ran from Feb 1st through yesterday showed some pretty cool choices and the diversity to everyones thinking. It was not very easy to choose just one – but my favorite was……Entry #13 The Perry Blade!

Let me touch on why Entry #13 was my favorite. First off – I mentioned that I was looking for entries that were unique in some manner. Entry #13 stood out in not only how the knife was displayed but the objects and environment around it.

To the left is an AR with a couple of 30-rd magazines connected in some manner. To the right is what appears to be a bug out/get home bag. Likely it contains an assortment of supplies to help the user get to where they want to go – and survive. And then there are the railroad tracks. Possibly they are being used for traveling or maybe they were just come upon. Then again – maybe this specific spot is a way point or meeting spot. Who knows?

Point is – there is a lot in this picture besides just The Perry Blade.


Appreciate all the entries. More contests coming soon!

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Hope everyone has a great week.



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  1. I know choking on food is a serious situation, but I must relate a humorous story related to it. I at a business lunch about 15 years ago, two of the guys from my company. We were in a vigorous discussion about one of our products when Bill (he’s a very “animated” kind of talker) started pointing to his throat. My buddy Bob was an EMT and I just pointed my thumb at Bill. Bob jumps up and grabs him around the middle and gives a big tug. Out pops an almost entire shrimp right back on his plate.

    That wasn’t the funny part, as soon as the shrimp hit the plate, Bill picks up the conversation right where he stopped when he pointed at his neck. We both just busted out laughing while people at the next table gave us the strangest looks.


  2. Happy Anniversary Rourke and Mrs. We recently celebrated our 45th .We had a quiet day at home.Our adult children and my sister got us turkey
    dinners and a delicious bakery made whipped cream cake- a treat !! Years ago on a retreat I learned that if we savor our food -the aroma and taste
    it then nourishes us spiritually and physically.So many of us tend to inhale and gulp our food.
    Just listened to PM Ben Netenyahu{sp?} He is an exc. statesmen and correct that Iran is behind most of the terrorists and Iran intends to make and use the nuclear bombs. Arlene

  3. Congrats on your Anniversary. I’m on wife #3. The Bible tells us to have 8 wives. 4 richer, 4 poorer, sickness and in health…….. 😉


  5. P.S.: Most empires are destroyed FROM WITHIN. IF you knew how MANY RUSSIAN/CHINESE/South of the Border DRUG CARTEL ‘SOLDIERS’, etc………….. “Moles/SLEEPERS” we had here, few of us would be at rest! But I believe THEE ALMIGHTY CREATOR, is IN CHARGE ! None of us WILL DIE, until our PreOrdained TIME ! “Life is a TEST, DO your BEST, FORGET the Rest” ! Stay FOCUSED folks. We have ALREADY been divided on Racial lines for too long, NOW it’s WATCH THE MUSLIMS. If we were ALL Terrorist, why isn’t everyone DEAD? I am so tired of being STEREOTYPED, as a Muslim. If white Americans, or ANY Christians/’Jews’,etc……., do NOT want to be JUDGED by a FEW CRAZY/Racist/EVIL folks in their religioms-‘Races-Ethnic groups, then, PLEASE do NOT do it to ALL MUSLIMS. “Salaam”/PEACE.

  6. Dr.SAM, Our son dated a medical student whose parents left Iran many years ago -left much wealth to be free here in America. They are great people and even though their
    daughter broke off the relationship-we are still communicating.OUR son learned farsi (sp? ) from her and can speak it fluently even now.Our son wanted to learn more about their faith so he went with a Muslim buddy to a mosque . He was welcomed the first time the second visit he was refused entrance. THis saddened him greatly. Anyone is welcomed to the Christian churches. Later the Imam of this mosque was arrested for terrorist activities. Had this been a mosque that was not preaching terror he most probably would have been welcomed again.As a family we have always been very ecumenical .

    My prediction is that IF Iran gets a nuclear bomb they will be bombed by Israel out of self defense. Its a terrible thing to live with the message that”Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth”and Death to America.

    I feel sorry for the people of Iran who are held hostage by their leaders.However ,we cannot allow this regime to have a nuclear bomb.
    I agree when its our time to join the Lord its our time. I pray daily for our world.IF Muslims do not wish to be judged then you all need to stand up against terrorism-loud and strong so the American people can hear you and respect you. Arlene

    PS MY Dentist is from Iran -he came here many years ago.

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