From the Desk of John Rourke – March 19th, 2015

“From Minnesota to Arkansas, state officials are knocking on doors and quarantining areas in a fight to stop the spread of the biggest U.S. bird-flu outbreak on record.”


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Just picked up a Trekker Kelly Kettle from Emergency Essentials. Can’t wait to test it out this weekend. Having a group meeting so might take it for “show and tell”.

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Watching the movie Aliens. This was my favorite out of the series. Remember – this is the second one. Those xenomorphs are worse than zombies hands down.

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My Prediction: Oil prices continue to decline with demand not increasing to any substantial level. Product has remained steady. Guess what? Avenues to store the oil is running out. This means we should see prices drop even further soon.

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Speaking of Emergency Essentials they have a great sale on Heirloom Seeds for immediate use or for long term storage. Sale includes packs upwards of 40% off.

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11 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – March 19th, 2015”

  1. The picture of the little girl tells so much….
    On a positive note- we just plugged in lights that are action motion night lights.They light up with movement within 20 feet and stay on for 90 seconds.They are great for when one has to frequent the bathroom etc. I found them at BJs 3/ for $19.00 A GE Jasco product that comes with a limited/lifetime warranty.They are LED. We like them so much we may get more and give them as gifts next Christmas. Arlene
    Thanks for the expanded news re: birdflu.I guess we will need to stock up on Turkey and chicken while we can

  2. The picture of the girl was strangely applicable to an experience I had last night while taking the trashcan to the street to be picked up. We live in a quiet suburb an hour north of Atlanta, far away from most of the politics and crime of the city and down our little dead end street, comes a car of what I assume is a new neighbor. Waving and smiling at me is a woman driver in muslim head garb and her smile is so plastic that it chills me to the bone. Most people in our neighborhood wave, so I smiled broadly and nodded my head to her as she passed.

    I am checking and rechecking my preps today, just in case. Truth is, if you think it is all about somewhere else or in somebody else’s neighborhood, it is way PAST time to wake up! I haven’t had the hair stand up on the back of my neck since I was a kid in college and was in a stairwell with a guy that turned out to be active rapist…. I LISTEN to the hairs on the back of my neck. They are there to tell me things that my conscious mind may not be aware of, but my self preservation instincts are. Get ready and be ready people, you never know when your life and the lives of your family may depend on it.

  3. My family uses a company called ZAYCON that sells bulk meat. They are out of Washington State, I think. They deliver ground beef, chicken breasts and thighs, etc. I just got 40 pounds of chicken breasts and vac packed and froze them. I recommend them for any one that has a freezer. You have to order online and then pick a delivery date and time that their truck will be in your location. They have good products at good prices and I am hard to please. 🙂 They have a website and y’all should check them out, especially for poultry, it seems. I have no financial ties and get no money from these people if you sign up.

  4. I was in Houston last year with several people from out of state. A car on the side of the street was flying a Houston Oilers flag but other than blue, it was more black in color. One person excitedly pointed out that ISIS flag and another remarked someone ought to burn that car. To their shame I mentioned that it was but a football flag. This sort of thing can get out of hand all too fast and over no more than an old football flag.

    Then again there was a drilling company from Oklahoma that was known for flying Oklahoma state flags from their derricks when drilling in Texas. Wasn’t long before leaseholders in Texas included specific language with penalties in their agreements against that sort of behavior and need I quote the supposedly mouthed comment from our First Lady, ‘all that over a flag’ (referring to the national emblem).

    Let us all be exceedingly careful.


  5. Got the kelly kettle two years ago, very bulky, if it goes long term, this is YOUR unit! This IS the long term solution to water/cooking, but for bug out, stick with the smaller stanley version! Ive bought MANY water boiling containers, couple dosen, even some of the high end all in ones, trust me when i say stanley makes the best, and it only cost 20 or so in the big box store.

    • Thanks Doomsday. I tested it today. I have the smaller Trekker model similar in size to the Stanley thermos. It worked great. Had my youngest son assist me and we cooked a hot dog on it. Size-wise I think it could go in a bug out bag is large enough. My Solo Stove is smaller and lighter but not as flexible as far as what it can do. Appreciate the comments.


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