From the Desk of John Rourke – March 18th, 2015

Looks to be a “Firearms Edition” of From the Desk of……

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Just ordered an AR lower parts kit. Next step towards my next build – whatever that may be. (Hint: .300 Blackout……Shhhhhh)

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Over this past weekend looked at some semi-auto shotguns at my local shop. I looked at a special edition Mossberg 930. Very light and felt very nimble.

timthumb (1)

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I have concluded testing of the LUCID M7 micro-dot optic. Excellent sight. Review very shortly.

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I want:


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I recently saw a picture where someone took a lawnmower blade and converted it into a “survival knife” of sorts. Large and a little on the heavy side I could see it being very useful. If I find a used lawn mower blade might try making something with it.






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  1. Pepsi is coming out with a new design on their cans, It has A picture of the Empire State Building and the Pledge of Allegiance on it, They left out Under God, didn’t want to offend anyone. From now on no Pepsi products in my home!

    • MarkOwen – Appreciate the comment but that info is from a “chain mail” email that has been flying around the ‘net since early 2000’s.

      You can go back to drinking Pepsi. Lol.

  2. Have to tell the wife not to tell me stuff anymore huh! Haven’t seen that on so I’ll just have to take the fifth of shine that is thanks for the info.

  3. The mossberg 930 is a nice gun – however for those on a budget they might want to look into the Mavrick 88 by Mossberg. I’ve owned one for 10 years and found it to be just as good as my Moss 500 and a hell of a lot less cash.

  4. PR,..our small MAG is looking into property in West Texas. The price is really cheap, but I’m really concerned about the real dangers. Not from the Govt, but from the elements, snakes, scorpions, and the drug cartel that surely uses that area to trek through. How far West is to far West Texas and what area’s do you recommend? Thanks in advance.

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