From the Desk of John Rourke – March 17th, 2015

Took yesterday off to do some organization and do some shooting. Got all my stuff together and headed to the range. Closed. I failed to perform adequate research when planning my day. I suddenly understood as I approached and saw the “CLOSED” sign how Lyle Lovett felt seeing Julia Robert leave him.

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It’s often said that we need to learn from history or we are doomed to repeat it, but how often do we actually do that? After Sandy Hook when many of us were scrounging for ammunition and firearms I heard from many that said, “I’m good. No need to panic as I have what I need.” These folks remember the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 and learned from it.

I can tell you this – I have learned and the next time there is a gun control scare or run on ammo I will be much better prepared.


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I grew up in the 80’s and remember the Cold War well. Unfortunately it looks like another generation may get that same opportunity.

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Not a fan of public open carry. Concealed carry all the way.

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As usual The Walking Dead has me on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next week.

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Improvised Weapon: Wasp spray. These things will shoot a stream of poison over 10 feet.








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  1. Rourke, our State Legislators in Texas are meeting to debate Open Carry. I like to think back to the mid 1800’s when everyone carried some type of protection. Cowboys usually in a belt by their side. Manners were more prevelant at that time. Folks would tip their hats to the ladies, say thank you and please, hold the door open as you approached, dress appropriately and rarely swear in public. WHY? Because if you proved yourself to be an idiot, someone probably shot you. Chivalry and manners are not earned by carrying a gun, but I think folks would be a lot nicer if they knew there were other choices to their actions!

  2. You can never have enough ammunition. Open Carry? IMHO, people need to use common sense which is as rare. I do believe the “The right to bare arms” in the constitution is very clear, that it’s the individual right and not given by any government authority. Concealed carry is preferred. One you don’t piss anyone off or scare the sheep people. But if the wolf shows up then it’s time to be the sheep dog, and the only warning I will give to the wolf is a double tap. You have to find the middle ground you have your rights but not at the expense of others around you.

  3. Forgot, Friends you really need to get into reloading. At point in my crystal ball, I see guerrilla warfare being implemented against firearms/ammunition. they have been systematically going after logistic resources. (Brass, Lead, Bullets types, passing no lead hunting laws)etc. When your purchased ammo runs out, you’ll need to reload. The Romans have surrounded the city, they have left for now, but will return and lay siege to Jerusalem. Get it now

  4. Travis and Methane- right on. Rourke-yes the cold war is here -actually heating up -with Russia and probably
    others –
    HAPPY ST.PATRICKS DAY everyone-today I will be making an Irish traditional meal of corned beef,cabbage,carrots and potatoes along with homemade Irish Soda bread . Arlene

  5. Open carry in public, I am for it, but will I carry open in public, probably not. I like leaving doubt in an assailant’s mind. I do however carry open on my property from time to time. I remember the AWB under “BUBBA”, yep, I’m in pretty good shape, but badger359 is correct, you can never have enough and reloading is a special skill any pepper should have. Hint, Hint… I hope the cold war is not back, they may call me back to find Russian sub’s.

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