From the Desk of John Rourke – March 13th, 2015

New Cabela’s just opened up less than 1 mile from where I work. Will head over there today and check them out. Yesterday was their Grand Opening and people had camped out for a couple days to be the first ones in. Looks to be quite a place. Hope to find some .22 Magnum’s there but likely sold out.

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Mentioned I was interested in getting a bolt action centerfire. Checked out a Mossberg Thunder Ranch today. Awesome trigger. They only had a 5.56mm – would prefer the .308.


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Looking for a holster for my Kel-Tec PMR-30. Likely will just pick up a standard Uncle Mike’s at least for now. Need to order a couple extra mags.

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Helping my 11 year old with his math about led me to ban “x” from my vocabulary.


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Something to think about over the weekend:

Imagine that somehow you knew in 6 months the bottom was going to drop out and the S was H the Fan. What plan would you put into motion?


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Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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  1. I had a MVP Predator in 5.56 and didn’t like the gun because of the drop down bullet catch on the face of the bolt. That and the bolt was very “sloppy” in the receiver.
    I’ve checked out the MVPs in 7.62 and really like those better. They seem to be built stronger to accommodate the larger round. I’ve not shot one but am definitely wanting to get the “Scout” version due to the peep site and longer sight radius.

    Another bolt-gun, and one that I own and have shot multiple models is the Ruger American. Mine is the .30-06 and is currently outfitted with a Nikon Pro-staff 3-9×40, Ruger’s cheek pad/pouch/bullet sleeve, as well as a bi-pod and Blackhawk sling. The entire setup is extremely accurate. Using Rem. Core-Lokt 165 gr PSP bullets, I’m able to achieve a roughly 3/4″ group at 100 yards. This past deer season, I took a small buck at 187 yards with it.
    My Ruger American as described here with everything included was right at $520 and came from Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

  2. Good Morning Friends,

    Rourke, I would hold out for a 7.62 NATO (.308 Win) for your Bolt. It is more capable of taking down large game at a distance than the lighter 5.56 NATO (.223 Rem) round will. If you are looking for a rifle to take down small game (think Rabbits and such) then from my experience I know that the 7.62 NATO round will help you decorate a 10 foot diameter space with pink bits of fur, but you wont get any food from it. That is what the .22LR is for right? 🙂

    Homework…I feel your pain. Helping my 6 year old read and spell is an exercise in patience and self control. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts…

    If I knew that the bottom was going to drop out in 6 months what plan would I put into effect? The same one I have in effect now. Pray for peace, and prepare for war. I think of the line from “We Were Soldiers” when Sergeant Major Plumbley (Played by Sam Elliott) gives the order, “PREPARE TO DEFEND YOURSELVES”. I used to get hung up on the “What if it happens tomorrow?” theme. I found myself spending money I didn’t have to make purchases that would further my preps, but realized that they were emotional impulse purchases from fear. I don’t see myself ever being able to afford a missile silo bunker with an underground water supply, geothermic power generation, full armory, a complete hydroponics bay, and rooms filled with freeze dried proteins. That being said I prepare as much as I can with what we have, and have committed to eliminating our debt to reduce stress levels in the home. As for the next 6 months we will continue to prepare, practice, and learn.

  3. If it’s a right triangle with an X you’re trying to find then you are probably trying to find the hypotenuse which is a^2 + b^2 = c^2 in which case you square the legs then add them and sq root it for the answer.

    Again Rourke, great job on new site improvement . It looks great. On a side note I wonder why people camp out at a retail store like Cabela’s? Where they giving away merchandise?

  4. well said, Brad M. . . . .I believe you speak for the majority. Very few can afford to go full out on prepping. we do what we can.. . . throw a parent with Alhzimers into the mix, and things get even more interesting.

  5. 6 months notice?

    Double up on backup water pumping from the well.

    Extra rat traps and thread to make ‘noise – makers’ when people try to sneak onto the property.

    Extra water purification tablets.

    If available, add a couple more firearms.

    Large caliber air rifles, with spare manual pumps and repair parts. (PCP .357 or larger)

    extra gas cylinders for the RV.

    Extra storage fuel for the truck (Diesel)

    Get extra wood in place for the woodstove.

    Extra large quantity of lids for canning supply. (We can a LOT every year, anyway)

    Oil and filters for all vehicles. As well as all other fluids for vehicles, too.

    More hand tools, nails, hammers, nuts, bolts. Lots of extra lumber.

    Prepare coverings for all windows – think of thick plywood, and interior supports to prevent easy access from the outside.

    And so on.

    We have lists of what we will do given certain ‘indicators’ and the time to do them. Most everything else is in place.

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