From the Desk of John Rourke – March 11th, 2015

Great News!!!! The ATF announced that they have suspended  – at least for now – their efforts to ban the popular M855 5.56mm ammunition often fired through the AR-15 rifle.

Everyone that participated in contacting their Congressman and the ATF should pat themselves on the back. This is a rare case that people stood up for protecting our rights and actually won. This provides a glimmer of hope that if people come together for the RIGHT common cause we can make things happen.

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Anyone have any experience with Thermold AR magazines?

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The new spin-off of The Walking Dead is scheduled to begin airing this Fall. Season 1 will consist of 6 episodes. Seems short. Season 2 however will start sometime in 2016. I am really looking forward to seeing the “Walking Dead” world via a different perspective.

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Over the past couple of years there have been numerous cases of “vandalism” where communication cables, electrical equipment, etc. have been destroyed.  Just recently almost half of Arizona lost cell phone, Internet and phone service due to someone slicing through special fiber optic cables.

The cable was located out in the desert in an extremely remote area. There are a lot of questions as to why would someone do this. One possible reason would be to see the extent of the damage and the effect on communications to prepare for a larger scale “event”.

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I was just thinking: Is electing Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife President of the United States the best idea? Hmmmmm…..

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  1. You know it occurred to me today that Obama is trying very hard to warm our worst enemies and disarm us this is part of his plan I think his agenda to disarm us and two or arm iran with nukes… Hes attacked our second Amendments on countless fronts, as he tries to bibass congrass and give iran open sanctions to build nuclear weapons! Yet it seems to be backfiring on ALL accounts! I had Epiphany in the today that he may be actually making us stronger, for so long in my life ive watched as america seemed to be at war with itself, divided on opinion and race, (as though it was desighned to be) we are strong together, and the powers that be know this, they control media, we all know this, all a sudden this is non stop white on black media cases spread accross the media the past few years, seems non stop, inbetween the active shooters that is, in the past most of this would never make the air, but as obama tries to move his agendas forward we seem to be uniting more now than ever! We the people are speaking up as one against his operation choke hold, WE THE PEOPLE, are writing our congress, they are ACTING agianst bans on ammo, giving iran nuckear power, WE MUST NOT STOP, keep the fires going, stop him from arming a known terrorist powerhouse, we MUST persevere! WE the people….

  2. I was thrilled to see on TV that the Obama adm. was dropping the ban on ammo since 80,000 of us protested . YES Doomsday we must keep pushing forward .to preserve
    our rights .
    Hillary continues to deepen with her lies….she cant fool all the people all the time.. Arlene

  3. When I sent around the contact information for people to write their representatives about the ammo ban, I actually had a co worker come to my office and say “I don’t think this will actually pass. Congress won’t ratify it.” I was shocked at his statement. This guy is a gun owner to boot. I had to tell him that this wasn’t going through congress, it was a change to an existing ban to expand it’s scope. He ask me what I would do if it went through, and I said, “I guess I will obey the law like I always do, and wait for the next change to come, but I will know that at least I did something to try and stop it.” I am pretty sure he didn’t write in, and expect him to come by to say “I told you so”. To which I will reply “You’re welcome”.

    As for those who spent a buck a round recently for M855, I hope you got your money’s worth. For those who took advantage and sold your ammo for a buck a round, “You are not welcome in my retreat group with ethics like that.”

  4. I would say I agree with Brad, specially his final Comments. people who do this have a huge Character flaw and I am putting nicely. The Administration is waging guerrilla warfare against its citizens and the constitution.

  5. The EPA already has closed their review of lead ammunitions, citing they do not have the authority to regulate it. Congress made sure of that years ago unlike the issue with the ATF and M855 ammo.

  6. the gubmint may have lost this round. . . they will not give up.maybe the clinton email dustup was a smoke screen to cover this up?

  7. If you think Monica Lewinski’s ex-boyfriend’s wife running for President of the United States is a bad idea, how about the current President’s wife running for President… that would be a current nightmare continued.

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