From the Desk of John Rourke – March 10th, 2015

A couple in Nevada was denied from being foster parents due to them  being concealed weapons permit holders. Another method for the Progressives to try to take gun rights away from citizens. A couple wants to help provide a family for a child in need and it is denied because the couple follows the law.

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I am looking to put a firearm on layaway this weekend. Local gun shop is having a large sale. A bolt action centerfire is under consideration. Specifically I would like a Remington 700 SPS however they are certainly up there in price. I really like the some of the Mossberg polymer stocked bolt-actions but all I ever see are the ones chambered for 5.56. I am not totally against that as the ranges around here are relatively short, but I really would rather go with the .308.700SPS_Tac_silo-prod

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Russian jets have been flying missions practicing attack runs against NATO ships. I continue to believe that the Russian aggression and their poor economy is a dangerous combination for the world.

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ATF publishes a guide in January without the exemption for the banning of the M855 green tip ammunition. Yet they are looking for public opinion prior to making a decision SOunds like they already made their decision. Wonderful.

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Anyone remember the movie “Them” made way back in the 50’s? I remember watching it as a little kid and I loved it. I would think about what I would d if giant ants took over the planet. Yeah – those were the good old days.

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  1. A good bolt action in 308 or bigger would be a good choice, how about a Savage Arms? I watched an investigative report some time ago on the Remington 700 and it’s hair trigger. Apparently there have been a number of accidental shootings involving the 700. Remington made a change to the trigger group but my understanding is that they continue to sell the original along with the newer (safer) version. I’d do some research before buying one.

    There is considerable concern that the ban on M855 is a precursor for a more expansive ban, the reasons are more than “tin foil hat” obvious.

    Ever see the giant black ants with the red velvet on them? I saw one that was 3/4 of an inch long! unfortunately that’s still to small to shoot with a rifle….

  2. Gault, I saw that documentary on the Remington 700, and remember some of the problems we had at the range with them when the Marines were looking for a dedicated sniper rifle. They would misfire, and then when following the established procedure and either applying the safety, or opening the bolt, they would fire. I have always avoided them, but that being said, I seem to remember that Remington did correct the fire control group on them a while ago. Albeit without admitting any fault with their products.

    I remember Them! I hated ‘Them ants’, because they freaked me out being so strong and so large. as for the 3/4 of an inch long ant being to small to shoot with a rifle…that is what an air rifle is GREAT at. No projectile needed, just pump it up, place the crown of the muzzle near the abhorrently large ant, and pull (don’t squeeze)the trigger. POOF, evil spawn of the devil sized ant is gone (or at least ready to field dress).

    M855 ammo: if you haven’t yet, write the ATF (whether they care or not), write your senator, your congressman, your friends, your family, and leave a note for your garbage collector. Get everyone you can to write in opposition to this first step down a very slippery and dark slope.

  3. ditto on the 700. . . . . I would stay away from it. . . .Savage makes a good gun.yep on Them. . . . what about The Blob. . . . or even better the original Thing (with James Arness). . . THAT still gives me the creeps when I watch it.

  4. Apparently I got beat by two others with the same suggestion…Savage Arms. Picked up a stainless version of their Axis line in .308 but swapped out the standard stock for a featherweight thumbhole Boyds version in royal jacaranda. Local gun shop had a Savage 17hmr with similar stock straight from Savage which I liked the feel of, but the stock wasn’t available on larger caliber rifles within my budget. Love the boyds stock, fit and finish is great and would not hesitate to buy another stock from them. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Savage Arms rifle either. Great rifle for the money.

  5. I really like my Mossberg Model 4X4 – 30.06Rifle. Shoots very well. Nice tight groupings. Not very expensive. I like it and would recommend it. Keep Looking UP

  6. Rourke, Them was also one of my favorite movies and my wife bought me a dvd of it. Years ago there was a tv mini series called World War 111 with David Soul with that very scenario.

    • Holy crap JohnP! I watched that movie when I was a kid and have been trying to find it ever since. I just checked and Amazon has it. DVD I will have.


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