From the Desk of John Rourke – June 3rd, 2015

Saw that Palmetto State Armory now has an AK with their name on it. Can’t find a price anywhere but it looks to be a very nice rifle. 100% American made.

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I am up to Episode 145 of the old television series M.A.S.H. . Great show.

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Pretty tired of hearing Bruce Jenner being hailed as some kind of hero. The men and women in our military risking their lives so that Jenner can do what he-she does….THEY are the true hero’s.

The national perspective is pretty screwed up. Just another indication we are in the midst of a free fall.

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Recently discussed here on MSO are the sighting of low flying plane circling areas across the country. Capt. nailed the likely source – check out this video for a quick summary:


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8 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – June 3rd, 2015”

  1. Just heard that the terrorist prisoners at Guantanemo(sp?) Bay and their lawyers are upset because they were tortured-what do they think they did to families whose relatives they killed in such barbaric ways??Arlene

  2. Just wanted to say that MASH is my go-to comfort show. We don’t have TV service, just a DVD player, and I was able to pick up the whole series, one season at a time, from Sam’s Club a while back. It’s the one program that everyone in the family likes to watch.

    Bruce Jenner long ago joined the ranks of the Katrashian clan.

  3. Agreed Arlene. The current administration hates America and hates God. They are doing everything they can to destroy the US. also..concur with you SingleMom. When I saw, not willingly, the disgusting picture of the way..I refuse to call that idiot by the other name, I was so disgusted. Every webpage I went to. In my face..gross disgusting, and he for sure has no courage. He is however a murderer after he caused that accident that killed that woman. It’s moments like these when I Struggle! to contain my rage with every fiber.

  4. I would like to believe they are tracking criminals and terrorist, but with our current administration I have to think they may be watching the citizens instead.

  5. Gordon
    i have one of the Palmetto State AR- 15’s didn’t know they have an AK. The AR will only take the 5.56 round stamped the barrel only.


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