From the Desk of John Rourke – June 30th, 2015

I have put this out there before and made some contacts: If you are in the York County, SC area and interested in joining a MAG send me an email. A local group there is looking for potential members. emergencycd(at)gmail(dot)com

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Yesterday Glenn Beck commented on the situation in Greece. Listen to it below. Very interesting. About 8 minutes:

Beck Blitz Greece economy

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I finished the book series 299 Days(Book Nine) and have to admit it was emotional to have such a wonderful story come to an end.

“I Miss America”

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My brother recommend “The Last Alaskans” TV show couple days ago. Really good. So envious of the life many of these people are leading. Watched the first three episodes so far. What beautiful country in Alaska.

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Coldest temperature I have ever been in….. -13 degrees F. I would welcome some of that cold right now to take away some of this heat.

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Did you hear about NASA cutting live feed from the Space Station as three UFO’s come into view? Really, not kidding. Watch the video for yourself. Pretty interesting. Now alien invasion is added to the list of things to prepare for.

Gotta find me a Phaser.











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  1. I saw the video, there was one many years ago also, it showed an object coming from space into our lower orbit, a missile was fired at it and it a 180 turn out of the screen.

    Greece will be the first big domino the rest will follow, we shall see. When I’ve talked about at work I am amazed how many people didn’t even know about it and could careless.

    I read the Obama sign some TTA part to provide aid for those American jobs that will take a hit from TTP. (what does that tell you, the fix is in.)

  2. I’m just finishing book 4 of 299 Days, and am enjoying it very much. I have 2 minor complaints though. one is how the author, through ‘Grant’ the main character, continues to make reference about ‘the team’ by describing them as “badass” or “looking cool” when they are fully outfitted in their kit or on patrol (this is said numerous times throughout books 2, 3 & 4). Those kind of comments, to me, just say ‘poser’.
    Point number two is, the physical location of the town(s). The town of Pierce Point does not seem to exist, (checking both a RandMcally road atlas or Nat.Geo world atlas) which is ok, but when they go into town (Frederickson) for supplies, the real town of Frederickson is actually much farther east than described in the story and is actually ‘through’ the capital of Olympia, which would be near impossible to travel through under the conditions described. (I like geographic accuracy in my stories like in ‘One Second After’ or the ‘Going Home’ series, as I follow along with a US road atlas while reading), but other than those 2 points, I’m enjoying the series and am looking forward to the remaining volumes. At this point, I give it 4 of 5 stars.

  3. Was really disappointed in the 299 series and could not finish it. The worst was the book I called the turkey dinner book. An entire book where he talked about how great he was by organizing a turkey dinner. But hey, I am glad you liked it. Just not for me.

    • Rocky – I love turkey. I guess that is why there are so many options out there so there is something for everyone.

      Have a favorite?

  4. The UFO video appears to be meteors run backwards.

    I enjoyed the 299 series for the most part. He did seem a bit full of himself in some places. There did seem to be some good community building, post-SHTF organizing going on. The whole “The Team” thing seemed to much fantasy; I prefer more “Common Man” protagonists like in the “x Home” series.

  5. Yeah..I make a few comments to people about Greece and get the same responses. I just made a joke about it, but everything’s fine. You have your Facebook, your internet, twitter, and the karcrapians, so everything is just fine. Sheesh! I’m so to the point of done now, that I went from trying to reach people, to not. Attempting to share, to forget it, and now to the point I don’t care about the sheeples. I’m not bitter about it or them. I just don’t care to waste my breath anymore. I’ve got more important things on my mind now.

    TPA/TPP, pffftt..the wicked courts pulled a ruling yesterday that you don’t have to show proof of citizenship. Dude..things are so way beyond belief and out of control. It’s coming full speed now. I.e. I don’t have the time, energy, or care anymore to waste my breath trying to even wake people up or joke about it.

    Speaking of time or more important things to do. Has to topic of shelter been run through here? I’m guessing so.

  6. I read Obama, just removed the anti-slavery clause from TPP before attacking the Confederate flag, the clause would have excluded Malaysia from the partnership, Malaysia is the human trafficking hub of enslaved men-women and children. Hypocrisy has no limits.

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