From the Desk of John Rourke – June 2nd, 2015

FYI – the SHTF Loadout Photo Contest mentioned yesterday does not require that you are featured in the picture. Couple people emailed me asking about that. Not a requirement.

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Wolves are one of my favorite animals. Guess this was my attraction to getting Siberian Husky dogs – which I have two. Here is the latest pic – Bella u front and Jake in the back.


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Quote from Obama on Monday……“People don’t remember, but when I came into office, the United States in world opinion ranked below China and just barely above Russia, and today once again, the United States is the most respected country on earth.”

This guy lives in a fantasy world.

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Anyone else save the thin plastic grocery store bags? I take one and fill it with others then tie it off and shove it in a tote box. Figured they are good for carrying things. Super portable and light. Can also weave them into pretty strong rope.

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As of this writing Amazon has the Baofeng UV5R Ham radios on sale for $26.94. Cheapest I have ever seen and that price will likely not last long. HINT: Buy one. No – buy two.

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  1. Bella and Jake have sure grown -they look beautiful.We once had a Malamute and he kept cool by digging holes and going in the kiddie pool .
    I will order one of those radios-that will encourage to me learn about becoming a Ham operator. Oh I wondered also about identity and the photos with tactical gear.-good you clarified it.
    That statement is grounds for mental illness by the President.(delusional thinking !!)

  2. Husky’s are great dogs, although they are not guard dogs per say… Mine will alert to anyone who comes on the property. The older of the 4 are hybrid husky wolf and husky Shepard…I must say the sheep husky mix is the most cranky to visitors. Husky wolf is sneaky and very protective. The other 2 are dual registered and just as tempered…only slightly less than the mixes. I would hav a dozen of them if I had room.

    • Kramergroup – yup – neither one of my Husky’s are guard dogs. My little yippy dog? He barks at anything coming through or near the yard.

  3. THANKS for the morning laugh! The mental picture of cat washing has caused my coffee to leave its mug and exit through my nose, but it was worth every minute that will be spent cleaning up the mess. WONDERFUL!!!! Really……

  4. Beautiful dogs Rourke. Ubummer…that evil *Beep* is out of his mind. It’s unreal and I mean unreal the lunatic things that come out that fools mouth.
    Glad to hear you guys got some needed rain Arlene.

  5. Capt M -What is going on with this crap – low flying planes by our own gov-for what purpose? After listening to Fox last night-I learned the the original creator(forgot the Sen . name) specifically limited its use -The Patriot Act. This new legislation may also stop the gov. from spying on US citizens and keep it focused on terrorists. Without a
    bill though it could take the FBI or whomever days or weeks to get a court order for a terrorist-thats not too cool either.
    Folks what candidates do you think will be good for President? I know its early but I would like to hear your thoughts.Thanks. Arlene

  6. Just remember one thing, This regime will do what ever they want whenever they want, rules be damned! This last year and few months will be the worst so far. We haven’t heard the last of this usurper!

  7. Sorry for the late follow up Arlene. Hmmm…good question. I will dig around and see what I come up with.

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