From the Desk of John Rourke – June 26th, 2015

My nephew just picked up an AR. Even better is he is asking about training – which I am very happy about. Far too often a checkmark is placed in the box next to “defense” just because a firearm is bought. I have made a lot of strides in my ability to put rounds down range, moving, reloading, etc – but have a long ways to go.

Hopefully my nephew and I will get a chance to do some training together as well as attend a local class or two.

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Baring any unforseen circumstances I will be testing for my ham license on August 15th. Long overdue. Hoping the rest of the guys The Group can do the same.

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Anyone out there know the best way to buy Epipens if you do not have insurance? We have a reader out there in a situation and needs some help. I have seen the “Get free Epipens” stories however you have to have insurance. This readers does not.

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I have been watching Season 4 of Mountain Men. Pretty entertaining show. Some of the scenes appear to be a bit staged but overall enjoy the show.

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The is no “Friday Steals and Deals” this week – just been too busy however I will mention a couple things:

  • has the Nitecore EC4 at a special price. The normal selling price is $64.95.  Special sale price? I actually am not allowed to publish it. Enter promo code: “NitecoreEC4” and the price is severely reduce and includes Free Shipping.  I may order one to add to my collection. What a great light.
  • If you have an AR and want a great way to store your magazines-  check THIS out. Mag Storage Solutions has created a wall mounted storage unit holding 10 magazines. I have two of them – awesome.


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay safe out there.



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  1. Rourke-even with insurance epi pens can be expensive and one is advised to get a new one every year.If this person tells the Dr. and gets a needed prescription for an epi pen then they need to shop around the pharmacys
    in that area.
    I have paid $1o with insurance.My daughter in law had to pay $75. for two for our grand child with insurance.
    I wish the person the best .
    I listened to Hannity on Fox and Carly Fiorina ,running for president,seemed exc . She was on for an hour .

    I am very disappointed in the Supreme court decision re Obama Care.They sold out .

  2. This may be a little off topic…But you can purchase an AR and other firearms through Sportsman’s Guide now…4 easy monthly payments.

  3. My epi cost me a $100 here in Texas and that’s insurance. I now live in African Bee country. Got my first sting from a Red Wasp and I didn’t need my Epi, must be a different kind of venom. Felt like I got stabbed in the throat by a soldering Iron. My Lt of many years ago asked me for advice about an AR. I told get it first provided you took care of the food/water/shelter, then build your platform around regardless of the type you choose. I talked him out of buying an “Australian Leader” Semi-auto. Piece of junk. Last I heard it was down to an AR-15 and a Ruger Mini-14. He got reassigned so I don’t know the outcome.

  4. Hope this helps your reader looking for an Epi Pen.Lots of links to assist getting Epi without insurance in first link

    There are HAM practice test apps that you can download on your phone for free free. Good luck. I still need to get mine out of the way, but I chickened out. Not from fear of failing the test, but rather I just didn’t want my name on another list somewhere for big brother to read. I figured, when it hits the fan. Who’s going to be verifying if you should or should be on the radio? Will it really matter then? Then also, “Who will” be verifying who’s broadcasting on the HAM when it hits the fan. Especially, with the SCOTUS just shredded our constitution yesterday and today with the marriage thing. I think it’s pretty clear they are only giving us 2 choices. Trying to force an uprising so they can declare martial law or unconstitutionally destroy the constitution, which of course could trigger the first option. I’m personally not discouraged for me, but I am in current administration at the federal level from top to bottom. SP1 is’s getting pretty closer to the time to blow the bridges.

    THIS is why I’m almost losing sleep. Our little MAG must find some land. 🙁
    We have to find a place to start moving our stuff to and securing the area well in advance..not when it hits the fan.

  5. I enjoy the Mountain Men show. My wife and I watch the Alaskan Bush Family, Below Zero, Alaska the Last Frontier. My wife being a Montana girl loves the scenery and country. I don’t like seeing some of the risky moves they make, Example: last night on Below Zero this guy crosses an iced river and fell threw the ice. He had to, I get it, he did 90% right except that he walked behind his raft instead of laying on it an using his ice picks to pull himself across, thereby spreading out his weight. we like the shows, they’re tougher then I am.

  6. If you don’t have insurance, ask your family doctor to check with the manufacturers of the EpiPens. Many drug companies have what they call “compassionate care” programs. It is needs based, but can be a Godsend for those with no insurance. At the time I needed prescription help, my prescriptions cost approximately $300 a month. Being unemployed, I had no insurance. My doctor and the drug manufacturer’s rep helped get me set up in their program. I think theirs was called an “indigent program.” Regardless of what they call it, they paid for my prescriptions for almost a year. Swallow your pride and ask. The worse thing they can say is no. And the worst that can happen is you can die.

  7. A tad repetitive, but I’ve found the best place for all of those spare magazines is in a US Gov’t ammo can – if for no other reason than it makes them easily transportable. Working magazines are all kept in load/plate carriers. Perhaps it is remembering when anything made of plastic was cheap and breakable, I’ve never really liked plastic magazines. Aluminum or steel magazines have always worked well for me.

    Best wishes on the exam. I look forward to chatting with you on the radio. All of you peppers who are amateur radio operators should have a look at AMRRON

  8. this in the wrong blog. Doh!

    Excellent info…thank you PR. You always have good stuff/info for us.

  9. If this posts twice, I am sorry.

    Have your friend talk to their doctor and have the doc ask the company drug rep for the maker of the EpiPens to check out if the company has programs for things like that. Many drug companies have programs for people with no insurance or crappy insurance. Astra Zeneca is one of them. It is needs based (how much you make and how many you support) like Medicaid, but could help your friend out. I had no insurance being in between jobs and my doc fixed me up with a program like that. It was called the Indigent Program, but it paid my prescription costs of $300 a month for almost a year, until I was able to get another job. Don’t be afraid to ask about these programs. The best thing is you’ll be able to get your EpiPens free or cheap, the worst is you will die.

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