From the Desk of John Rourke – June 25th, 2015

A new video has been added to the Patriots membership area. I have several more planned as well as additional articles and downloads. I am also negotiating with a few more online vendors for more discounts.

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Just ordered a 2-meter J-pole antenna for ham radio use. Thing gets great reviews on YouTube and I am looking forward to setting it up.

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The town I live in is now at a Level 1 drought. No mandatory restrictions as of yet. Glad I added another rain barrel for my garden…….


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This heat has been zapping my energy for workouts. Like most Crossfit facilities mine has no air conditioning so when it is 100 out it is around 93 inside. Exercising in that heat makes warming up pretty easy but extended workouts are a struggle.

Something to consider if the SHTF and tasks such as patrolling, scavenging, weeding, gardening, digging, building, etc. need to be done. Hydration is incredibly important and not with just water. Replacing electrolytes can be done by pouring replenishment packets into water. Good idea to add a couple in your pack.

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This onslaught of political correctness is getting ridiculous. It started with removal of the Confederate flag, now it is getting rid of historic statues, changing the names of schools, and changing school mascots. I have no connection with the flag so I really could care less except for the fact that all this effort is being directed at the wrong thing for the wrong reason. That evil man killed 9 people in a church. Lets put the responsibility where it lies.

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The United Kingdom continues to implode as socialism shows how its policies and practices effect a nation. Pretty sad.




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  1. Rourke- sorry to hear your town is in a drought.Please stock up on drinking water.Sounds like you got your pool just in time.
    The people of Sc will need to decide re the confederate flag but the fact that so many stores are now refusing to sell it seems absurd.The killer was also wearing a Golds gym shirt-will Golds gym be changing their name -I think not.I give the victims families incredible credit for being able to forgive ( or even work on forgiving) .They, like the Amish when their school house children were killed, are truly Christians.I have a long way to go on my souls journey . Arlene

  2. Good suggestion for the dipole. Here’s something all of us can use. It’s called SDR – Software defined radio. You cannot broadcast, but you can receive anything over the waves that is not encrypted. I have another type of dipole that so far on a clear night I’m picking up England. The software is free. Here is a video of it in action:

    Here is the equipment for under $20. You can use any pc, including Windows XP

    So, with solar or rechargeable energy and a laptop. Your good.

  3. The getting rid of statues, school names etc reminds me of ISIS and Taliban tactics of destroying religious political history.

  4. Since the left has declared that a baker cannot refuse service to anyone based on his or her own beliefs (no matter how strongly held), I can’t wait to watch the selective outrage when a baker refuses to bake a cake adorned with a Confederate flag…..

  5. My thoughts are the left is using this evil act as justification to implement political correctness and they show no shame in doing it.

  6. John, the ARRL Antenna Book is a fantastic resource on everything antenna wise. It provides all of the information you need to construct your own antennas. Many clubs have a jointly owned antenna analyzer such as the great RIG units which makes adjusting a home built antenna/feed line to the exact frequency/impedance so very easy.

    Please let me know when you pass the test so we can set up a comm sked.


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