From the Desk of John Rourke – June 23rd, 2015

There has been an onslaught of rimfire pistols and rifles coming online over the past couple years. With .22LR becoming more widely available these firearms are looking more attractive. The .22LR is my favorite caliber. Why? It represents so much fun for very little money.

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Looks like the Progressives have totally taken over Tylenol from what I have seen of their recent marketing efforts.

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Looks like it is a “No” on videotaping my “From the Desk of John Rourke” posts every so often. No big deal.

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I am in the middle of Book 9 of the 299 Days series. I cannot say it enough how much I have enjoyed this series. I listened to the audible versions. Great stuff and the most realistic and plausible description of the coming collapse.

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This kid shows more common sense and logic than 99% of the Politicians out there…..

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  1. Dude..thank you for sharing that! I hear it’s going viral and I’m doing my best to contribute to that cause.

  2. That young man has more common sense than many of his elders! I have seen a few of his videos, and am usually blown away…

  3. Why can’t I copy your pages that have information I want. Some are lists of many kinds, others are articles. But ii GET A “BOINK” AND A PANEL THAT SAYS “This page cannot be copied.” When I can’t save a page, needles to say IT IS AGGRAVATING in the extreme. Do you have a “blocker” of some kind or do I need to change some settings? I surely would like to know.. You have a good, sound program that is worth saving.

  4. I pray that more of our youth would have their heads on as straight as this young man. I’d have more faith in our future.

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