From the Desk of John Rourke – June 22nd, 2015

It was recently suggested to me that I periodically change the format of my “From the Desk of….” posts to video. Maybe a video a week. Interesting idea and not overly difficult to do.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Keeping an Emergency Cash Fund accessible is important. This fund should NOT be at a bank or credit union. If something should happen and access to ATM’s and banks are not available cash on hand would be very advantageous.

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The continued economic collapse in Greece is troubling. Today(Monday) will be telling to see if there is another bailout or will Greece’s financial system implode. For weeks citizens have been pulling money out of the banks for fear they will close or the government may confiscate some of it.

The end results of what happens may have a serious impact on the world economy.

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The continued call for gun control measures due to the Charleston shooting is certainly idiotic, but may be effective. As I have done for years I recommend get your defensive preps in order and keeping it that way. Firearms, ammunition, and magazines are fairly inexpensive right now. I am not suggesting that panic buying should start up merely just a reminder that the environment we live in right now with being able to purchase freely may not last forever.

If looking for magazines…..all with Free Shipping

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Reader Rick sent this in. Simply awesome…..

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  1. Personally I like the written word.-not videos.If you wish to use the written word and have the video as a follow up
    thats ok.My computer is old and videos are tough to see. Probably others like videos as they may have more up to date equipment..Arlene

  2. Change to “From the desk”? I thought you did. Each morning there is a different picture…heh. J/K I like the format is good and you do include videos, like today. Unless of course they mean they would like more vids like SP1 does?

  3. Don’t forget reloading to add to your logistics. Obama’s guerrilla style approach is also by interdiction by regulating items related to arms (brass, powder, bullets, even black power, primers, they’ve closed the lead plants down, casting molds, Cali banning lead bullets and shot, alloys, magazines, stripper clips, trying to get insurance companies to drop gun owners or make them pay higher rates, credit cards not allowing firearm purchases etc.

  4. I’m betting that, just like here when the threat of gov’t shutdown presents itself, somehow the EU will perform a last minute bailout and keep Greece afloat. Just my gut feeling.

  5. No video as an only .. written is something I can look at on any device .. and is private .. videos are less so .. though as an add on would be neat at times .. just not to to replace the text version…

    ammo, bullets, powder .. food water ..
    You can’t protect yourself from the government…unless the military sides with you, or some large segment of it anyway.. but from other citizen “bad actors”.. You have to be able to keep what you prepared for your family.
    My bag gets me home .. and I don’t plan to leave .. If I do .. then we have 4-7 days .. and will either come back or go foraging.. you can only do Sooo much $$$$$

    If financial markets collapse .. paper money will be good for a few days .. then not at all or worth very little…
    You have to consider barter items .. and or precious metals right ?.. but more STUFF people need or want ..

    If Greece goes .. is the EU long to follow ? Yeah .. could end badly for the world .. but specifically the US

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