From the Desk of John Rourke – June 1st, 2015

Reader sent in this story about a low flying plane seen above Minneapolis, the Mall of America, and the Southdale Center recently. This plane flew very low for several hours.

Many are concerned that this could be terrorists looking for a target or in planning mode. Similar flights have been seen all over the country and reported.

Probably nothing. Maybe.

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Took my buddy to the range Saturday. This guy had never shot a gun before – ever. Prior to entering the range with ears on I went over safety rules, range rules, and the components of a pistol. All my pistols are autoloaders and operate very similarly. He did a great job and showed safety tremendous respect. He said he had a ball.

His favorite pistol to shoot was the Canik TP9SA 9mm.  I am still reviewing this pistol and will bring you the full results soon.

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Garden continues to do well with baby cucumbers and squash just showing up. Tomato’s are looking awesome.

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New video’s and discounts coming soon for Patriot members. Appreciate everyone’s support who has joined and if you have any concerns or questions just let me know. Email: emergencycd(at)

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Hope everyone has a great week!




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  1. Baby cucumbers, already? Aw man..The vines are mine are not producing any cucumbers yet, but the vines from them are attempting to take over the rest of the garden. I knew this was coming and I’ve set up a little lattice work for them. The tomatoes and strawberrys are coming along nicely. I went to Tractor supply company for PH sticks and other things suggested here. Even though I spent some investment preparing the soil I didn’t realize I also had “feed” the vegetables. So, this time I bought some Miracle grow, (sigh, more money) since the plants are so far along and I don’t want to lose them. I need to get some compost builder ready now so I don’t have to spend money. It really, really, is a good idea to get gardening now so you know how. I also had to put some chicken wire around the garden to keep the birds out that have also started noticing my garden coming along.

    Mysterious plane? I skipped over that until I read what you put here. That concerned me to say the least. So, I started digging. I read the article and according to the Ef B eye’s rep saying this was an “operational matter”. I think that was a huge key/clue into what was going on. I dug up the meaning on operational matter and what it means. My initial inclination is it was our plane, (the US) doing secret work. I’m guessing some average Joe stumbled across it, then researched it, and caught it. I’m willing to bet it freaked the knuckle heads in office that not all citizens are dumb sheeple they think we are. Here’s the real nugget of that term operational matter quoted. Researching the term to trying to understand the meaning, how it is used, and to what direction. I was surprised to find origination from this term comes from the far left wing liberal nut jobs. Not surprised this is how the physcos use it. It’s their term they use all the time when they are describing some of their tactics to “enter the mind” of their targets. Basically, lunacy. I felt the briefing by the ef b eye is an important factor in to understanding how out of touch of reality and confirms it was them IMO. A visual way to understand this term and their thinking would be the “Princess Bridge” battle of wits, if any of you have seen it. The rambling fool in this scene representing the idiot liberals

    It had to be one of our planes and we caught em. Doh! Big hooplah being made and allowed to be made instead of pointing out what we already know their doing every day. Spying on more Americans.

  2. I hope all of you who have seen low flying planes have reported them to the FCC and local authoriities. Could be another SEPT 11TH IS BEING ORGANIZED.
    We FINALLY got some MUCH needed rain. Take care everyone. Arlene

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