From the Desk of John Rourke – June 18th, 2015

Week of July 5th will be “Medical Week” here on MSO. Medical info might not be as exciting as guns and ammo but essential nonetheless. Stay tuned!

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The news coming out of California with this drought is incredible. Areas have had their water rights revoked in an effort to conserve as much water as possible. Within days they will run out of water unless alternate suppliers can be found.

In the news story I read one guy mentioned that people thought he was crazy for having 500 gallons of drinking water on hand.

Not any more.

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SouthernPrepper1 recorded a follow up to his “Our country is doomed” video which garnered a good amount of attention.

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I cannot imagine the skeletons that would come out of Donald Trump’s closet if a miracle were to happen and he actually won the Republican nomination.

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In case anyone missed it I am holding a SHTF Go To Gun Contest. Simply send in a creative picture of your Go To gun along with a description and you might win a case of MREs from


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I was a huge comic book collector as a child and even into early adulthood. HUGE! Favorite comic book? Batman.

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  1. I had read about the 500 gallons, wise man and yes people will do that, go from thinking you a nut job to oh man, wished I’d done that. I remember my ohana made fun of me n my supplies, until the Lonma Prieta earthquake hit us. Then was so a, how did it cost you to put that together?. Over next few days they started showing up, hey man how u doin?. Get lost friend, I have enough for my family only. I irritate my family sometimes referring to California as the
    “Dead Zone”. Remember its not just drought but also the constant radiation they get from Fukishima. They have picked up radiation in the kelp beds off monteray and few other hot spots. Am out, see ya.

    On comic books? Me too. I walked passed a comic book in Hawaii. The same one I had as a kid (DC: Who’s the fastest Flash or Superman) selling for $1000 bucks. Made me sick to my stomach, I bought got for something like a quarter as a kid. That’s life right.

    Medical stuff is as important as firearms. I carry three med-kits. #1 BooBoo kit, #2 IFAK, #3 Blow Out Kit. Because that’s I roll.

    When I was deployed, every third patrol was my turn as Combat Medic. Not to mention my mother had been a nurse from 50-60’s and my father was in the Navy ad ships medic, stationed on a destroyer.

  2. Thank you Rourke for sharing this video on here. The battle is not over and you sound much better SP1. Sometimes you just need some rest and a little reprieve to refresh yourself. Interestingly enough I’ve already reached the point where I’m tired of trying to wake people up and just don’t anymore. I think SP1 summarized it perfectly. If those that refuse to wake up in the light of truth and reality. They refuse to at least acknowledge the truth in front of their face and they are…content with what’s going on. Therefore, I believe we are reached our initial limits of those that are going to be prepared for what’s coming. Sure, they might eventually rise up in destitution after much loss and the loss will be great. That is on them and this next comment will seem harsh. I refuse, absolutely, refuse to receive or carry any guilt for what they allowed themselves to fall into. They know very well what’s going on, but refuse to lift their voices and decided to stick their fingers in their ears. Then so be it. The only remorse I will have is for the children. However, I cannot save everyone else’s children either. It’s sad, but it is, what it is. I think, totally guessing, but think we’re are reaching a finalization phase where we’ve woken up as many people as we can. They have MORE than enough resources to prepare now and they still refuse.

    I also believe that SP1 is right when he says we need to speak up and voice our concerns. Also, as fired up as you get SP1, please don’t allow the lack of those who refuse to wake up, wear you down. Instead remember us, those here among us are with you and we are awake. I think what makes us furious beyond belief is watching the country we so love just get sold away by traitors. This frustration and lack to retaliate right now can crush our spirit. However…and I do mean However…there will be a time for come up ins. It is coming beyond the shadow of a doubt! In what form and when I do not know. So, just hold the course everyone. Keep working and preparing. Because when it does hit the fan. THEN, the people will be looking for someone to lead them in the right direction. After the animals are done killing each other off and the good people that have survived. They will look for the right direction, but because you and I prepared we will be there to show them the right way. Because we prepared we will still have those we love close to us. Because we patiently suffered the frustration to legally follow the process, we will be here to lead the way.

  3. Capt Michaels-well put.
    Rourke- we could barely afford comic books growing up but when we did get an allowance for chores I boughtRichie Rich the poor little Rich Kid and Casper the friendly ghost.. Havent thought of them in years-smile !!!
    Taught my Grand daughter a lesson the other day when she said Grandma look theres a poor homeless man.
    (this “homeless” man drives a very expensive car and only solicits when its a sunny day-never in rain or snow etc. If I believed he really was homeless I would have given him a dollar or food. Shes a very compassionate child.I explained and she was wided eyed-you mean he could be a fake homeless man? I said yes.
    I told her when we give money to our church or the Salvation army that money goes to help people and people know where to go to get help. Shes 7 but many adults arent saavy .
    The same goes for prepping… and those in ” need” who squandered their water or food or money.

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