From the Desk of John Rourke – June 17th, 2015

Appreciate all the concern about my blood pressure. It will be fine. I am on my meds and only need to tweak it down a bit. Follow up appointment end of July.

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Capt. Michaels left a link to this video yesterday in a comment. I have seen it several times and it brings tears to my eyes every time. Yup – tears. My man card remains intact regardless.

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The recent shark attacks on our east coast are just terrible. People in vacation celebrating life and then tragedy happens. This particular tragedy so rare and unpredictable. Of course terrible things happen all the time to good people. In the case of the attack victims local bystanders responded quickly possibly saving their life.

Remember – each of us is a 1st Responder. There is no way I could just stand around watching a teenage girl bleed out from a shark bite. Lucky for the girls I am not alone in that perspective.

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I often sell things via local forums on Facebook. I have several things that are preparedness related that I haven’t been able to make a deal on. Might post them up this weekend and see if anyone is interested. I generally sell the stuff pretty cheap just to make a little extra cash and clear out space.

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Guy puts a bumper sticker on the back of his BMW that says “Shoot a Cop”.


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Myself and a few group members camping this weekend. Supposed to be in the 90’s.

I can guarantee that I will have a cooler with ice cold beer. Shhhhh…..don’t tell the Park Rangers. 



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  1. I am bringing a surprise for me and the boys. Yes, the cooler will be stocked full. Remember, I have a few dozen eggs I’m bringing for breakfast courtesy of my feathered ladies. Got bacon?

  2. Awesome. Hope you and the members have a great time. Must say I’m jealous in a fellowship kind of way. Thank you for re-sharing that video. It stirs me up every single time I watch it. Yeah saw that cop bumper story. Pathetic. Just like I still see those cars with obama stickers. Nothing says low information sheeple better.

    Deals? Excellent. <—–raises hand. I'm interested. I wish I could link my prep stuff and people to Facebook, but can't for a few reasons. Mostly purely tactical, because I don't want the NSA knowing exactly what I have or even close. They are going to have to really, really dig to get my information and I'm just a small fish. Yes, yes, I know. You've been very encouraging for me not to let my concerns suppress me. Not only is it tactical it's the other half that would have a fit interrupting her "happy place" with reality. I struggle to sneak a few political things on our Facebook and not receive

    Park Rangers..hmmm. I always take something with me to protect myself. In fact one time I went camping with someone and they started having a medical situation and when we went to leave in the night I found the gate pad locked. I called the information line which surprisingly reached someone. Surprising in many ways, because the Park Ranger was out of town that week so in the night they locked the gate. I was pissed and told them on a recorded line that I had a tactical pistol grip shot gun and if they didn't come get this gate opened immediately, I would blow the lock off. Not only did an officer show up PDQ and open the gate quick like. They did not stop me or question me about having a shot gun. I mean really, What kind of idiot locks people into the park, because they can't find a replacement? Then hire temp security to watch over the property and to call police if needed. You don't lock people in!

    Anyway, new day, new beginnings..let's get back to it people. 😉

  3. I always carry when I am out, protecting my ohana is my responsibility. leaving it up to others is not an option. I also carry a flare gun with inserts. Talk about a force multiplier. 26mm flaregun with inserts for .45Long, 410 ga, 22lr. nice back up that doesn’t draw undo attention.

  4. Damn Rourke–with a tear in my eye too from that video–made me want to go right down and re-enlist–show them kids how it’s done–55 is not to old is it–I can still carry a pack, maybe not as far and shoot wings off a gnat at 300 yard’s–with my long distance glasses–the HISTORY NEEDS to be taught because we ARE precariously close to repeating it.

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