From the Desk of John Rourke – June 15th, 2015

Looking forward to taking another course from Wolf-Fire Firearms in July. This next one is titled “Tactical Response Course” and promises to be both educational and fun. If you are in the Mooresville, NC area check ’em out.

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Went and saw Jurassic World this past weekend. Impressive. Great entertainment.

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Major heatwave through the South this past week as well as upcoming. Unusually hot in the 90’s every day. Hydratation incredibly important during activity. Many are getting up early to get things done so they can stay inside and in the shade during the day.

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Youtube favorite SouthernPrepper1 has released his 2nd book – The Seven Step Survival Plan. It is available in paperback, Kindle as well as Audible formats. Check it out HERE.

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This past weekend I got into a discussion with two women regarding abortion. I am against it – adamantly. The other two are for it – literally. They both stated that an unborn child is a parasite no different than cancer.

It was every I had not to spew an endless array of colorful metaphors in their direction but I remain respectful arguing my points with logic and facts. They on the other hand used profanity and emotions to try to get their point across. One of them also said there was no difference – none – between the killing of n unborn child and my eating bacon. Yup – the pig which I consume to maintain my life has equal value in her eyes as an unborn child.

These are the people – with the Liberal Progressive mindset – that have ideas so twisted that although human I consider almost to be another species.










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  1. Abortion: Murder. Absolutely. Children are being sacrificed on the idolatrous altar of “pleasure”. There will be Hell to pay…

  2. Good job Rourke. I just now started reading up/watching how to argue with liberals. Basically, you speak facts. You don’t let them side track you with emotions as they try to demonize you. Or in other words for me, you treat them like the 4 year child they are pitching a fit. So I commend you for fighting the good fight. These 2, clearly evil woman are…well just evil. You can only speak truth, but they are so full of bitterness, hatred, and evil. Only God can prick their hard hearts. Hopefully, the seeds of truth you spoke will take root.

    Honestly, I’ve been listening to Michael Savage and I’m trying to learn from him, but hopefully not being quite as in their face like he is. He does put them in their place every single time and they know it! And I say “trying” not to be in their face, because I don’t have the time to mess with fools. He never reduces himself to their level of emotionally vomit like these girls did, but man Michael Savage puts them in their place. For example here is a liberal professor, the cancer in society, Savage puts the liberal in place. You can see how the liberal tries to continually demonize Savage with emotions and Savage cuts him off each time. The liberal tries to mince a little tid bit of truth and use it against Savage.

  3. Sorry, wrong link. It was not the liberal professor call. Also, if I find myself debating with these liberals. I realize they will get quite emotional and if can maintain my composure if/before I walk off. However, if they lay hands on my it’s going to be go time. I will not hesitate.

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