From the Desk of John Rourke – June 12th, 2015

I respect SouthernPrepper1 tremendously on YouTube. I am way behind watching many of my favorite channels but happened to catch the following video he uploaded yesterday. David is a smart man, a father, a soldier, and a Patriot. I have to agree with him on what he says.

If you are reading this David let me ask you this question in response – “What is next?” I agree with you but beyond writing and calling our Congressman what do you propose we do?

Everyone – feel free to chime in.


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I have heard from so many that they cannot find .22LR ammunition. Here you go – .22LR CCI Mini-Mag boxes of 100 rounds for $9.99.  Get ’em while they are still in stock. UPDATE: I have gotten word that the shipping charges are not calculating correctly thus making this deal too expensive. I notified the owner and they have fixed this problem..


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Anyone have any experience with CORE 15 firearms?

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Wanted to mention that if you are behind in the catagory of “firearms” or just looking for a good rifle at a great price has Bear Creek Arsenal AR’s for $499.99. I have an AR using the same upper as on this AR and it has been great.


One of my group members recently bought this gun and has had nothing but praises.

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Have a good weekend everyone!




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  1. I think that the drought is over. For the last couple of weeks I have found 22LR ammo at several Wal-Mart’s here in Hampton Roads. I picked up 3 100rnd Boxes of CCI Mini Mag for 7.89 each and 4 b50rnd boxes of CCI Stinger. And I was also able to buy a 1400rnd Remington Gold Bucket of Bullets for 70. The Ammo Cases at Wally world were full of all sorts of common calibers.

  2. I have followed David for some time. Interesting thing is…in mid 90’s I taught a class called scenario 2 thousand…better known as S2K. The things we are seeing and experiencing are exactly what I said..and what David is indicating.

    Now what I’m saying g is this…I have served my country and community my whole life and continue to do so. It’s sad that we have allowed our country to become a welfare state allowing 3 and 4 generations of leeches to live

    Talk IS cheap. We have the ability to correct this mess, but will we…I seriously doubt it. The individuals who are true Patriots, the believers in God, the individuals who have worked their entire life are at an age they can’t compete with the younger generation. But I say this, these are the ones who will stand for this country come hell or high water.

    I feel David’s frustration…until we pull our heads from our backsid or sand or wherever you might have it…you will never see America as I saw it when I was younger.

    It appears that IF you demonstrate, even destroy private property, you can get what you want and never be held accountable. That’s truely sad, but apparently that’s the way of the time.

    I pray for our military, law enforcement and emergency workers because they will face the brunt of this issue in days to come

    God help us and our country.

  3. Core Firearms: I purchased my first AR this spring and its a Cerakoted Core 15 carbine. I have a couple of hundred rounds through it and am very happy so far. Not a single jam or misfire. Everything is tight and nicely finished. My active duty National Guard brother bought one, to, and is happy with it. If it’s good enough for the 1SGT, it’s good enough for me!

  4. Unfortunately I don’t think the world is near as bad as it’s going to get. I’m reading 299 days now, and the author’s view on how things go down is pretty plausible. I think it will require Patriots to take this country back eventually. I don’t think we’re there yet, but I don’t think it’s far away. I’m thankful for my small town preacher who stands in the pulpit every Sunday and preaches the Bible, not what he’s told to preach. The only other option I see is the return of the Lord to take Christians with him. Other than that, we all better be preparing.

  5. Okay..interesting. I almost emailed this video link to you yesterday Rourke, but I didn’t want to send more junk for you to be bothered with. I’ve been playing catch up myself. I feel like that scene in the Wizard of Oz when the house got sucked up into the tornado. I’m just trying to stop things from spinning. Anyway, when I saw this video my heart dropped a little as well. It dropped for me on two levels.

    One, because it was discouraging to see him in a brothers in arms way. When you see the morale of your fellow brothers in arms start to give up you know it’s really, really getting bad. Not his morale as a fighter or for his family, but for this country. Secondly, because I fell the same way he does. When I saw and really started amping up/researching the TPP, TPA, it’s all crap whatever you want to call it. And then freaking Paul Ryan pulls a Pelosi. That really pissed me off beyond belief. I’m watching these fools sale America away(Traitors). There are so few real congressmen that really do care for America. Ted Cruz, Greg Abbot, and Bobby Jindal are some of the few. They are the only ones that have a flawless, untouchable record. Not only that, but they will be quick to tell you. Tough, get over it! As a result I started praying really hard this week for today’s agenda. Will they vote down the TPP or fact track it? In fact, so did Bobby Jindal.

    I think a lot of us who are awake including David, see the writing on the wall. If this bill passes I’m very confident this will be the last/best celebrated 4th of July in America for a long time. If you guys want I can include what valid links we have available showing what little we already know about this bill, but I didn’t want to bore you guys to death. So, I’ve been praying really hard and if this bill passes I’m also very confident we will not see an election in 2016. I also believe…and please do not let my next comments not stir a huge problem, but I think this explains the plan and falls into line for Jade Helm. Nothing I can do about it, but just seem to have an better understanding as the pieces start to fall into place. Especially, since just a few weeks ago they admitted the FBI and DEA are also going to be involved. It’s clear what they are getting ready for. Anyway, I think David is spot on and I think/guessing at this point he’s pretty much fed up with it, ready to say screw it, blow up all the bridges, and get ready if this bill passes. So if it does pass, I think the time will be shortened and getting closer for most of us to get ready. Get ready if we’re already getting ready? Yes, get ready in your mind to tell your job one day. I won’t be coming back, pack up everything and move to your area. Nobody knows exactly when that day will be, but if this thing passes you can bet your *beep* it will be coming. The poop thing.

    My biggest fear, right now for me not all the many details for my prep base. It’s location. Our little group still has not been able to get a small piece of property and it’s border line causing lack of sleep for me. For sure, I’m a fighter to the end. It’s something that will not leave me and the Marines only refined for me. So, I will not quit, but (pardon me) I’ll be dipped if when I saw David’s video and didn’t feel exactly what he said. Today is going to be a big day in which direction this country will go in. Thoughts/Response?

    Oh yes, ps Arlene. A family member offered me one of those above ground pools for free. I’m like..YEAH!. Cha-ching, score.

  6. Long time fan of SP1. This is the most moving, and telling, video he has made in my opinion. I hope he can stay the course.

  7. I have been saying the crap is coming for at least 5 years. . . . been told I am crazy as a loon. . . . the pols are all the same, they are the “elite”, we are serfs to do their bidding. . . . . the only solution left is revolution. . . .it is the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. . . . no one wants to face it. I fear the hell we will go through, but what other choice is there? SP has definitely moved into the crosshairs of the enemy now. . . . pray he will be careful and safe

  8. Small Victory for now in the TPP – TAA Bill! House has delayed fast tracking, otherwise approving the bill in it’s current form. Which is unknown. So, this means today the bill did not pass, but will be voted on again after a review. Now when the review is going to be and how long, no one knows. Let’s hope it never see’s the light of day again.

    This buys us more time. See, hang in there David. Don’t lose despair…yet. 😉

    Our prayers have been answered.

  9. Oh…my apologies. I should’ve clarified. The TPA is not secretive…the TPP is. There are actually 3 parts of them being voted on. TPA, TAA, and TPP. Here are several links for you to kind of “skim through”.

    This article has the most detailed information that is made public, but comes from the EFF so it’s more computer geeky

    Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

    Shock revelation by wiki-leaks

    Julian Assange On The TPP: “Deal Isn’t About Trade, It’s About Corporate Control”

    Futher revelation due to wiki-leaks

    Revealed: The Secret Immigration Chapter in Obama’s Trade Agreement

    Now We Know Why Huge TPP Trade Deal Is Kept Secret From the Public (Liberal news source)

    Don’t Keep the Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Secret (Liberal news source)

    How stupid and dangerous is voting on something they have not seen. Ask Pelosi about Obamacare and then ask Paul Ryan why he tried to pull a Pelosi.

    Paul Ryan’s Pelosi-Esque Obamatrade Moment: ‘It’s Declassified And Made Public Once It’s Agreed To’

    Boehner and Ryan’s TPA Spin Debunked: Don’t Need TPA to Read Obama’s Trade Deal

    I will do the same here and sound off. However, our representatives already know how we feel here in Texas. Some of the dirty so-and so’s voted yes.

  10. Sorry missed this one…this one is the most damming one.

    Trade Expert and TPP Whistleblower – “We Should Be Very Concerned about What’s Hidden in This Trade Deal”

    Also, one of my best friends has the Bear Creek AR. He loves it. However, I went with an AK. I decided I wanted something that wouldn’t jam so easily, (dirt, irregular maintenance, etc) and if for whatever reason if a threat is hiding behind something. “Oh you think hiding behind that brick wall will stop 7.62 or that tree?”..pffft go ahead. This according to Green Berets who were unfortunately on the receiving end during Vietnam.

  11. I sub to his YT channel for years. I believe 2015-2016 will turn out to be a huge turning point not just here in the US but on a global scale. When looking at all the pieces. Infrastructures that have been pillars for years nationally and internationally are unraveling, While their telling us everything is fine, business as usually, or it’s just a temporary thing. While you see them and there 1% of the 1% making huge strategic positioning to move or isolate themselves. Makes me think of some of these sayings, “rats abandoning ship”, “roaches scrambling when the light is turned on”, “do as I say, not as I do”. “the yellow canary used by coal miners as a warning of no air”, hmhmm. Now you look at whats happening at a time when the Country pretty much is broke.

    #1 Banks implementing policies to restrict the amount you can withdraw, moving to a cashless society so they keep and control your assets. JP Morgan loading up on Silver of last three years to 55 million ounces.

    #2 Militarization of the police forces and equipping them heavy offensive weapons, Gunning down citizens to “No knock raids”.

    #3 Massive redeployment of forces for the biggest war games in history. The repositioning of this many assets and lay out of territory I find interesting. Also given the fact the you do not deploy & spend this much money just to go home at the end of the training period, we shall see

    #4 Data mining of US citizens

    #5 Obamas EO’s bypassing congress, let alone the creation a super commity (like Russia or Roman Empire)
    Attacks on religion, free speech, 2nd amendment, private property, Healthcare (you have to sign it to read) totally irresponsible and no common sense. (but then again there is an agenda)

    #6 Mandatory Vaccines coming down the line. Bill Gates said at the Bilderberg meeting, that vaccines was one of the elements to use for population control by helping to reduce worlds population by 15% among other things.

    #5 Worlds financial system in complete shambles

  12. There are two blogs I read everyday without fail, yours is one of them. Thanks for spreading the video and what you do on your site. The bill got voted down for now but next week more arm twisting and pay offs to get more votes. What is next for me? I will be honest I do not know at this point but I am thinking and pray about it.

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