From the Desk of John Rourke – June 10th, 2015

The makeup of this country is changing. Illegal immigration has provided millions of people with totally different cultures an opportunity to effect how this country evolves in the coming decades. I have nothing against LEGAL immigration and yes this country came from a melting pot of immigrants however the level of immigration and the methodology was different. Frustrating to see so many illegals protest because they want US to change for THEM.


Think this will change the political landscape as they head to the voter’s booth? Yup.

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These recent videos showing police officers beating and mistreating citizens – even young girls – is disturbing. I do not believe that is the norm for law enforcement  – not even close. It is a tough, risky job and now even tougher as so many are afraid to even investigate some crimes for fear they will end up sued or the subject of an investigation – even if they are innocent.

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One of my favorite movies of all time – Lethal Weapon.

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New Terminator movie coming out soon. I really hope it doesn’t suck. The Terminator has been one of my favorite stories.



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  1. Of course there are some bad cops but most do an exc. job and receive only publicity when something goes wrong
    Lets all support our police and Sheriffs . Remember after Sept.11th police and firemen were venerated.-not that long ago 14 years.

  2. Yes videos of rough behavior is disturbing. Agreed. I guess I have become jaded. The news we get is filtered a great deal .. I guess they think it is ok not to provide the WHOLE story .. Moreover the videos, provided by citizens only starts when they press record… What happens that leads up to it is interpretation, each side of the argument crafting a story that makes them look the bet.. not the truth necessarily. If police tell you to stop and stopping doesn’t threaten your life.. you stop. Don’t mouth off, be polite. Don’t talk about your parents, or race, or religion or theirs. If you run you LOOK guilty.. they will chase you and tackle you to stop you. so don’t run unless they are the threat, to your life, not to take you to jail. (that is what court is for). They deal with the worst elements of society most days.. so they go into every event or call thinking that is what they have to deal with. Talk to them, like you have a brain and be polite, and you will get good treatment 99% of the time.And I do believe we do not get any video and events reported except the ones that are bad to see. There are many many more times we never hear about .. but that won’t sell adds or go viral and get hits .. SEE jaded … but likely true… Lets not let the facts get in the way of a marketable story though. 🙂

  3. The video of the officer slamming the girl. Disturbing, yes. Reality, yes. This happens everyday. When the police show up on the scene they legally have control, period. If they say get on the ground. Get on the *beep* ground! Otherwise,…the video you now see. Also, here are several facts the media is Not reporting. Don’t let these bs one sided videos push you over. Remember, most, not all, but most of these videos are put out there by obama’s supporters. They only want to put distrust and mayhem in place. The self-righteous propaganda media will report the truth anymore. Also see documented proof below please.

    1.) Un-invited DJ sent tweets out inviting all these fools to a pool party at a pool that is private, not open to the public.
    2.) Some of these uninvited people attacked a mother with her 2 children at the pool.
    4.) The idiot provoking dj was playing extremely loud provocative music, you know rap music saying things like F…you N….r, in a family neighborhood.
    5.) Police showed up to a chaotic seen and gave orders. These ignorants did not follow orders and even crowded the cop. What the *Beep* do you think is going to happen when you don’t follow orders and crowd a cop. Their lucky he did not shoot them out of fear. Get on the GROUND!
    6.) ONE video, even if they had two or more only showing one side little perspective instead of all the mayhem. Yeah right, get out of here.
    7.)Protestors? Paid agitators and uneducated racists trying to stir trouble.

    Video Emerges of Violence at ‘Innocent Pool Party’ in McKinney, Texas’

    At the most a disciplinary action for this officer. Nothing more!

  4. Once the adrenalin starts flowing in these situations it is hard to stop so as goingray58 says, obey police commands and let the courts do their job.

  5. I read of a brutal gang ape of a young girl, They caught the three young men shortly after. They were young men under 19 years of age and Illegals from Central America and were gang members of MI-13. Your right JR, America is changing. We are the last generation of free Americans who grew in a time of freedom, when food was just food and not either Organic or GMO. Playing cowboys and Indians or cops n robbers, When shooting BB guns and slingshots is normal. No body grew up as deranged people. The scene where this went down is only a half hour from me. I think there are provocateurs trying to hyperbole these issues so that Obama ca pass an E.O. for a Federal Police force, aka Stass, Gestapo etc.

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