From the Desk of John Rourke – July 9th, 2015

The situation yesterday with the New York Stock Exchange and United Airlines had a lot of people thinking. Combined with the free-fall Chinese stock market and their economy along with the situation in Greece people were beginning to wonder if the pieces of the puzzle were starting to come together.

Officials were quick to come out discounting the event as a cyberattack however I wouldn’t be surprised if it was and there is a cover up. If it got out that the stock market was vulnerable to cyber intrusions confidence in those investments would plummet.

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Garden has done fairly well this year – well – at least when it comes to cucumbers. My zucchini plants died early on. Appeared to be a lack of water or nutrients. Soil might have had too good of drainage and just didn’t hold the water. Squash bugs got my crookneck summer squash plants. Tomato’s did OK. Lost a few to blight. Man – guess the garden has not done very well.


Cucumbers have been fantastic as usual. Mrs. Rourke has canned many jars of pickles  – different kinds. I always plant small pickling cucumbers rather than larger varieties.

This is the first year I did not till the garden and that may have something to do with the mediocre performance.

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A few miles from me there was recently a murder-suicide involving the deaths of four people. Now there is an outcry of locals calling for more gun control. Ignorance. The man who carried out the killings was a two-time felon. It was illegal for him to have the firearm to begin with.

The anti-gun crowd functions not on fact but emotion – which can be very powerful and effective.

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“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.    – – – Henry Ford”
Mark Goodwin, The Days of Noah: Book One: Conspiracy

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  1. Rourke-your cucumbers look delicious. I dont think your not roto tilling was the problem.Next year plant your squash a bit later and you may miss the beetles.Or you can hand pick them and kill them. At least you will have lots of delicious home made pickles.
    How stupid do the Powers that be think we are?? Of course the hacking and shutting down of the NYS exc,the Wall St Journal and the United Airline was a coordinated strike . I believe whomever it is is just testing to see
    how much they can affect at one time . . Arlene

  2. John, I typically plant really early. I lose some and replant, but for the most part, I’m too early for the massive attack by some insects. However, this year, here in the Upstate of SC, I must say the squash bugs have attacked with a fury. I managed to harvest a good crop of potatoes, picking peas and butterbeans as well as string beans now. Planted an entire row of Roma tomatoes which are currently coming in and will be turned into sauce for freezing and canning.

    In reply to Arlene’s question of “How stupid do the Powers that be think we are?”…they think we are all stumbling, ignorant morons who need to be ruled, not governed. They really think we are too stupid to understand anything.

    • Oren – I usually start planting early April but this year I was delayed. Sorry to hear you are in the same boat as me.

  3. ..”not on fact but emotion – which can be very powerful and effective.” Now imagine fact combined with emotion. Which is even more’s called “a cause” among many other words/titles. Something that binds massive amounts of people together and cannot be extinguished. Otherwise, emotions are like pine straw in a fire. They help flare up incredible heat and flames very fast. However, they also burn out even faster. 😉

    And that my friends, among other things, is what separates our commitment from the evil sheeples commitment. When push comes to shove..they will not last long.

  4. I have found that planting the squash in a different place every couple years keeps the squash bugs from finding it so quickly. It’s a big game of hide and seek!

  5. It was strange that Anonymous tweeted this night before, “Wonder if tomorrow is going to be bad for Wall Street…we can only hope.”

  6. China has 1.3 billion people, more or less. It would be no problem for them to train 15 or 25 million hackers, and keep 5 million working 24/7. Coincidence? Sure. Just like Hillary “finding” the missing records one day “What a surprise!” Or Bill blowing all over Monica’s blue dress, to which Hillary said “It’s a vast Republican conspiracy!!!” Well there’s the juice, sweetie, and DNA doesn’t lie. So get used to it. I don’t believe there is a realistic chance of stopping the Communist China from snooping. We have 1/4th of their population, and 85% of those are too lazy, ignorant, and stupid to even want to know, let alone actually learn something. Fat, stupid, and dumb.

    Now Obasturd is cutting another 30,000 on top of the 40,000 he already cut from the Army. Folks, 70,000 is a significant number of highly trained and well skilled troops. High school dropouts can’t begin to run the high tech missile systems, tanks, artillery and other equipment. Next comes the Navy? Who’ll captain an aircraft carrier – joe junkie from Chicago? . Who’ll captain the sub’s – Methie Mikey?

    This half-breed half-wit would like everybody to think he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and excepting the one’s who lick Hilarious’s ass, he’s not getting away with it. Anybody who can willfully look the other way when a mutt like him wants to be President and won’t disclose his college and much of his personal background, and had a confirmed Communist as a mentor in his late teens is simply egregiously stupid, a “useful idiot”, as Lenin put it.

    With the Republican’s solidly disunited, and all sorts of “two-fer’s” muddying the waters, Ben Carson ain’t the richest but he is smarter than the others. Problem: no political experience. Positives: not beholden to any political group per se. Hillary? Problem Two-faced, lying, stinking, thieving, crooked, unethical and just plain wretched and rotten scum-bag, who had an easy start in life and fucked it up beyond all recognition. Such as: the US Secret Service had to go to their mansion and retrieve $200,000 worth of items they stole from the White House. No class at all. None..

    Problem: She has huge pile of cash, and the certainty that Bill’s acolytes and her sycophants will work themselves to death, and that their vote is assured. Of course, they can always do what John Kennedy did (he went to Old Man Daly): go to Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago with a bag full of cash. and get those people who live in subways, spaces between buildings, manholes, under the El, vacant lots, and graveyards as well as street corners and in the middle of the expressways to “vote” for her. Publicly, Rahm and Bill are on the outs, which is a damned good camouflage job how tight they really are.

    As I see, from a perspective of 50 years as a politically aware adult, our only solution is to put more submarines in the water, missiles inside our 200 mile territorial claim on all oceans under the ocean bottom, and establish the real “death ray” from comic book days as a first, middle, and last resort weapon system in space stations constantly stationed over China. Russia is in the economic gutter – Putin and his KGB cronies have mismanaged everything, as you would expect of any secret police group. Security they do. but economics is totally foreign to them. It has to be crystal clear that any attack of any kind on any American allies anywhere will result in destruction far out of proportion to the actual deed..

  7. Rourke…rotate your crops. Seriously, that’s what we ended up doing after planting cukes and tomatoes for the last 3 years. Last year our garden was just not doing well despite putting goodies in to perk up the soil. I had to supplement my canning from the farmer’s market. Our local garden “guru” asked us how long stuff had been where it was. Who knew that little gardens needed to rotate the crops must like the big farms. Try that next year and see how your garden does. We are also going try growing a cover crop to be tilled under for next spring to help amend our soil. We learn something every year.

  8. Why the hell don’t we execute felons. Especially those who committed violent crimes. Just put the needles in their veins and dispatch their asses to the other side of eternity. Before you judge me too harshly, last year in September I was attacked by one of these lowlifes and the only reason I’m here to correspond with you is because I have a license to carry concealed. And for the record I am white and so is he. The difference is I have never been arrested for anything and he is a three time felon with no inclination whatsoever to repent and lead a productive life. Execute, execute, execute and be done with it. Get the trash out of our society.

  9. rourke… I don’t know what zone y u r in (we r in zone 7), but climbing beans and bush beans do well here. Also, butternut and buttercup squash, and of course zucchini. Rotate as far away as possible; some bugs plant themselves in the ground over the winter (who would guess??).

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