From the Desk of John Rourke – July 7th, 2015

This latest and highly publicized case of an illegal immigrant murdering an American citizen is really nothing new. In this specific case the murderer has been previously deported 5 times. Yes – 5 times! If this case doesn’t wake up America to the immigration problem – no, to the INVASION that is occurring then not much will.

The United States and all for which it stands is being attacked on several fronts including one which is right out in the open – our borders. Yeah, it’s old news and because the vast majority of the country does not feel the effect of this invasion they go on about their daily lives oblivious to the problem. This problem will be ones which generations to come will be dealing with.

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Just received from Mid State Firearms  a 10.5″ SS 5.56mm Gen 2 AR Upper. This will go into building my first AR pistol. I have the stripped lower and parts kit. Will order a buffer tube kit and Sig brace. Mid State provided the bolt carrier group.

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It is Medical Week here on MSO and I just want to throw out a couple of recommendations.

First – Joe Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P. have done incredible things in helping preppers prepare with a concentration in medical preparedness. They have their very informative website – Loaded with tons of articles there is a lot to read and learn.

Next – they have their online store at They carry a variety of medical preparedness products including medical and dental kits as well as suture and stapling kits. They also carry an assortment of individual supplies such as Celotox Bleeding Control options and books/DVD’s.

They also have a Youtube Channel containing nearly 100 video’s. Check it out HERE.

Lastly – Joe and Amy have their very popular podcast the “Survival Medicine Hour” aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy. In each podcast they discuss a variety of preparedness topics and often have guests. Like their website there is an immense amount of information via the numerous number of podcast episodes.

Joe and Amy are also a sponsor of this website. Thanks Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy!!

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Reports are indicating that Greece is within 48 hours of civil unrest. The Greek economy has come to a halt and bank holidays have been extended through Wednesday.

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Have had a heck of a time this year with some form of Squash Bug. Never experienced this before in about 12 years of gardening in this same spot.




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  1. I agree that this murder in calif. by the illegal isn’t a new thing. This very thing is why I will not vote for bush if he is the rep. canidate for pres.. He would be almost as bad as bilary. There’s a few others run for the rep. nomination that I want vote for but he is the main one. I’ve always voted. I can’t remember an election that I’ve not voted in, local or national, but if he is the rep. nominee I’ll stay at home for the first time in my life. I’ll be 69 by then and I’m trough with voting for the second worst.

  2. This case made Trumps point. Phase I of WROL. Added to the internal destruction of America, we America Germany with CIA working on Greek options to include a coup (regime change) like they did with Ukraine, with Victoria Nulands help. All of is illegal.

  3. I am no big fan of Trump, but he is right. Most, not all, of the people slipping across the border are criminals or will be shortly after arriving. I consider them criminals just by the act of coming to this country illegally, hence illegal alien. I just don’t understand what happened to the Republican party. For the last 7 years, we have been calling for the borders to be closed to keep these criminals out and slamming Obama for being for letting them stay and offering them amnesty, but when someone stands up and says it publically, not one Republican supports him. Why aren’t more people standing up and saying he is right and we don’t want these people here? As far as the guy in California, he should have never been turned over to the state. This is obviously a one way street. If the feds pick up an illegal alien and he has a warrant, they turn him over to the state, but since the state is a sanctuary state, they just release them and thumb their noses at the feds. There is something seriously wrong with this picture.

  4. Agreed. I pointed out previously that I no longer waste my breath or bang my head against the wall in social media land, aka facebook, etc with political posts on or from my part. However, I do reply to or put comments to others posts. I still don’t really don’t get on there much anymore. Anyway…when I do post something it’s always strategic from my point of view, like this. For all the connections my wife has friended. I wait until one of these “shared” one’s comes through and when it has some huge number of likes or shares. I make sure to post something into them. So when this happened the other day I made SURE to put this one into just such posts I could find. It was amazing how immediately and quietly the Trump haters stopped posting. I could care less about the guy, but it was about the point. The point with the media and the freaking sheeple jumping on board.

  5. Opps..that is supposed to be “ls” at the end. Yes, also I agree with Badger. Greece directly was a very pleasant surprise that it was not a huge impact on us initially. However, China got slammed some how…that…is a big problem. I’m not sure how Greece is impacting China. Either directly or from their stooges trying to make an internal financial problems. If they go down..then it’s going to crash for us because they hold our debt and will quickly sell it off. They can’t really just demand the money back because it’s a catch 22. We are China’s biggest import. So to crash us would be like shooting themselves in the foot. Meh..we’ll see.

  6. lots of bugs in the garden here in Greenville, Too, Rourke. . . . . .in fact this year a lot of plants are getting chewed on that never used to. . . some of my friends are noticing the same thing

  7. got a lot of critters this year too, I believe its from all the rain. (Red Wasps, Ground hornets, Mosquitoes, Fire Ants and squash bugs

  8. you can lay a board down about an inch above the ground, card board might work too in the garden. they will crawl under it before morning and you can kill em some distance away. Once they bore into your plant its usually to late. I have saved some, I took a high-lumen flash light behind the stalk to find the grub, and removed it. I save two, court is out with the other two.

  9. RE: squash bugs. If you chew or know somebody that would give you their spit bottle, try diluting it with a little water and a drop or two of dish detergent, then spray on the plants. Has worked for me.

  10. Badger359 and others in .the southern zone.UGH I once was bitten by fire ants and I didnt notice it at the time but for weeks my toes and feet were screaming with pain. Yes laying down a board is exc. advice .You can then crunch the bugs to death.
    Donald T and Ben Carson are on board re the immigration control issue.
    This has been the coldest,wettest July we have ever exp. and we have lived at this farm for over 40 years.

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