From the Desk of John Rourke – July 31st, 2015

Folks – political correctness and the Progressive movement has reached an all time ridiculous high.

The New York Post is reporting that the Commission for Human Rights has fined an Indian restaurant for trying to hire a…..wait for it……Indian server. The amount of the fine? $5,000.

How dare they!! How dare an Indian restaurant attempt to do what makes incredible common sense and be allowed to make decisions that is in the best interest of their business.

I guarantee if you go and tell many of the Sheeple out there they won’t believe it and think your joking. It is all fun and games until this pathetic governmental instruction shows up on their doorstep.

This Commission for Human Rights is also attacking businesses that advertise for “waiters” or “waitresses”. No – can’t do that as that is discrimination against sexual gender.

I am sure if a strip club was looking for a transgender worker they would not say anything as that fits within their agenda.

The cesspool is getting larger and the country is drowning.

Besides that…..hope you have a great weekend!!!



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  1. Sigh…it’s coming. We are being forced to rise up or let the nation be out right stolen by thugs in suits, which is what the muslim in office wants. Either way, the sheeples deserve what they get and in the end the current man in office will go down in history as the worst president ever. That will be his legacy.

  2. I certainly agree that BO will be the worse president ever, but – I doubt the politicians (both Democrats and Republicans) who control everything in Washington as well as almost all the media will let history be recorded as such. The “winners get to write the history” or something similar is what I remember hearing about previous wars. I’m afraid this one will be no different…

  3. The whole PC thing and promotion of the cesspool behavior is divide and conquer tactics. Since the 1960’s when everybody but white guys wanted preferential treatment disguised as equal rights, citizens of this country have been being pitted against one another.

    The University of New Hampshire has published a new Bias-Free Language Guide and I highly recommend we all wrap our PC heads around it before we end up in prison for thought crimes. Here’s a few we can just get started with:
    – The terms ‘mother and father’ can no longer be used because they are gender specific.
    – Caucasians can no longer define themselves as ‘white’, rather the term to be used is European American.
    – The term ‘American’ used by the U.S. is offensive to Central and South America therefore we MUST qualify any such reference by prefacing American with North.

    My kids were way ahead of their time when they started calling us “parental units” 😀

  4. get your ducks in a row .. “the pebble is loosened, rolls the rock, so goes the bolder and falls the mountain”… too Zen ?…… It’s a hot house, bees and gardening weekend for me .. I might need to be able feed myself .. recon ? And I think BOB and I may go for a stroll.. see if he’s put on weight and if that makes a difference to me…. Have a productive weekend everyone ..

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