From the Desk of John Rourke – July 29th, 2015

It is pretty rare that I do something like this. In fact – I don’t think I ever have. There is a women who I am friends with on Facebook who is going through a pretty horrible set of circumstances. Her name is Erika. Her desperation has piled up to the point that she is asking for help. She has just started a GoFundMe page.

Here is the deal:

Okay so back in April I was hospitalized for Sugar toxicity, my blood sugar was 750, after 6 days on an insulin drip I was released. I now have to use 2 types of insulin and pills, my sugar it’s always high and this has caused nerve damage on my feet and hands… it’s like walking on hot needles. My nursing license expired on June 26th and that was the last day I worked, come to find out the state Board of nursing lost my renewal application, I re sent it but it will take 7 weeks. I don’t have the money to buy my meds, been looking for a job but they won’t hire me without my lic and non medical places say that I’m “over qualified” or that I’ll quit as soon as I get my nursing license back. I have a child to feed and I guess the most logical thing will be to sell my car but it’s all I have and how would I get to work (when I get one) so here I am…. asking for help in my darkest time. I’m all my son has.
My meds are 298 for 30 pills for one prescription and 436 for the other one, I’m trying to get 2 months worth of so that I can get out there and get a job without crying with every step.
thank you for the help, anything will be a blessing.

I have followed Erika for quite some time and will tell you we do not agree politically on all things but she is a good person and a vet.

If you can afford to help – visit her Go Fund Me page.

If you cannot afford anything please just say a prayer for her.

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This nuclear deal with Iran is more messed up than a soup sandwich. It is now being reported that Iran is demanding that the soil samples used to keep them in line be taken by them. Yes. you read that right. They want to take and provide the samples themselves to give to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Insanity.

This is the level of competence our government is presenting today.

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Idiots: Los Angeles City Council voted yesterday to ban “high capacity” magazines. Apparently they believe that this will somehow reduce crime and eliminate the chance of gun violence.

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  1. interesting…. Kalifornia, of which Los Angeles is a city located in, outlawed Hi-cap mags on Jan 1, 2000. Maybe LA didn’t get the word… (just one of the many reasons I left Kalifornia after 4 generations of my legal immigrant family being proud residents since the 1860’s, and yes I do miss it, but not enough to put up with the stupid and costly crap that the elected leaders force on it’s citizens…. jus’sayin.)

    • Roberto – Good point. My understanding the law made it illegal to purchase or sell high cap magazines – but not possess.

  2. Iranian Nuclear inspections…
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    As for LA, well that is why I moved out of the Soviet Socialist Republik of Kalifornia. Not enough Americans and way too many people who want to be governed by people with a serious Cranio/Rectal insertion problem. When people are born without a brain they are referred to as Anencephalic, when this happens later in life they are referred to as Liberal Politicians.

  3. Poor Erika. A prime example of a hard working woman doing the best she can to pay the bills and support a child..ugh! Well the rest of these leeches want something for nothing. And the child….the children are the real victims. John, is there some sort of organization or even better a Church she can reach out to for help? It’s really hard to go ask for help, but some things you got to do it. Especially, if a child is involved. I will be praying for her.

  4. Further adding insanity in L.A. is the news that under the hashtag #100Days100Nights, users on Instagram and Twitter are issuing a stark warning: Two Los Angeles gangs are betting which one can kill 100 people—in a gang, or innocent—within the next 100 days. Why anyone lives there is beyond me.

  5. Sad to hear of Erika’s plight. Way too many stories like hers out there. I’ve looked for charitable organizations specifically geared for nurses:

    I would also suggest she contact local nursing associations/specialty organizations to see what they may have available, both financially and for resources. She should contact the manufacturers of her medication for payment assistance programs (they all offer them).

    While I am not able to help financially, I will pray for Erika and her son, and hope the ideas I’ve presented are helpful for her.

  6. Hey Rourke…I’m and ER nurse and Erika sounds like what we refer to as a “brittle” diabetic. That means a diabetic who chronically does not take proper care of themselves. It’s worth googling. Just my two cents worth. Oh, and BTW, I have cared for patients with a blood glucose level of 1680.

    • Bill – in Erika’s case she is a recently diagnosed diabetic. I remember just a few months ago seeing updates as she got sick and ended up in the hospital where she was diagnosed. Her issues are not from a lack of blood sugar management.

  7. Los Angeles / California Mag issue: California banned everything but the mere possession of them. They recognized that they had to grandfather the magazines in. Los Angeles has decided that grandfathering is not enough, so they banned the possession of them, even by retired police officers. They are still debating that last one, however.

    I’m not in Los Angeles, but close enough. It’s OK, because I lost all of my high cap mags in a boating accident… oh wait… can I change that? I don’t have high capacity mags, because I hate guns. I’m just another person standing in the line with my hand out. Nope, just a sheeple. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along.

  8. Rourke-please be very wary. I have been taken advantage of in the past because of a compassionate heart.
    I will pray for her.However sending money to a person one doesnt really know is very risky.
    Yes there are organizations where she is that should be able to help her.( Salvation Army, Catholic charities, churches,
    her county and state welfare offices,food stamps etc.) -especially since she has a child.

    Please everyone call your representatives to defund Planned Parenthood and drop sanctuary cities and support Kates law- )

    PSI have been without internet and will continue to be without it for another 10 days so if some folks do not hear from me thats why.I am currently using a friends to check my e mail tonight.

  9. Rourke- something isnt right with Erica because my husband is diabetic and a vet and he gets all of his meds very reasonably-due to our low income. The Va will provide medication, syringes, insulin etc. . Why isnt she getting this help- most especially if she is in the nursing field?? What do others think ? Arlene

    • Arlene – There is nothing fishy about Erika. No problem to those who wish to not help or cannot help. They will not cover the meds for her nerve damage. Her insulin is covered.

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