From the Desk of John Rourke – July 28th, 2015

Awhile back I published a couple video’s from SouthernPrepper1 related to his being fed up with the government and stating that we need to publicly make our grievances known.

I agree with David that we need to publicly make it known what our grievances are. I think think needs to be done for a few reasons:

1. We need to be able to identify like-minded people who are on our side.

2. We need to tell those who represent us and have the power to generate change what we expect.

3. We need to make sure the opposition is well aware of what we expect as well so they have the option to do the right thing.

I have no delusions that the opposition will not do the right thing. I have no delusion that those who represent us will encounter pushback IF they are like-minded and try to do the right thing. We should at least make the effort. We need to do the right thing ourselves.

So over the coming months I will be listing my own grievances. I hope to find others that maybe don’t understand the issues and educate them to the point that they themselves come onto our side. If we can all do that imagine the change that could take place.

Here is just one example:

go explore (3)




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17 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – July 28th, 2015”

  1. Rourke, My number one grievance has to do with our “representatives” being able to treat themselves differently than the way they treat us. I understand this concept has been introduced in both the House and Senate numerous times with no real traction being gained, but mine would be worded something like this… “Congress shall make no law that applies to the people of the United States that does not also apply equally to them. And Congress shall make no law that applies to them that does not also apply equally to the people of the United States.” I’m tired of the folks I vote into office thinking they are an elite class and then treating themselves that way! If this got enacted I believe it would fix a lot of our other problems…

  2. I 100% agree. Immigration is now currently, and will continue to, ruin the USA. I am talking about illegal, not legal.
    They (democrats, socialists) want illegal aliens because 70% of them vote democrat. I heard last night on Mr. Levine’s show that by 2044, they will be the majority, and as a literally unstoppable voting block, America as we know it will simply no longer exist. There will no longer be political parties, as we know them now, there will be only be the socialist majority in control..
    This is THEIR plan. Always has been.
    My Grandparents immigrated legally from Italy. Learned English. Became American Citizens. My Dad was raised here, as an American. Not an Italian. Not an Italian-American. Just an American.
    The illegals do not want to be Americans. They still consider themselves Mexicans, or whatever.
    This is what the democrats want. With control of the white house, and almost 100% control of the media, and the supreme court, they will continue to get it.
    Most people I know do not understand the long-term ramifications of our socialist/ oddly pro-muslim leadership.

  3. Well I hear th Fed dept. of ABC Whatever , is issuing green cards by the millions to anybody but Europeans ! Also heard upper Va. has1/9 non-english speaking people living there ! So close to D.C. , what a surprise !! We’re being invaded with th help of our ‘Shadow’ govt. !

  4. Immigration concerns was one of the issues that caused me to relocate from Texas. The southern half of the state is little mexico.

  5. Per one recent report 20% of El Salvador LIVES in the USA; Anne Coulter calculates that 1/3 of MEXICO lives in the USA…Given the Obama regime “open borders” advocacy, as well as Dept of Justice opposition to any forms of voter ID, plus the documented efforts of Democratic political operatives to help illegals to vote, I agree the #1 issue is ILLEGAL alien invasion. UNLESS it is stopped/reversed and we actively prevent illegals from voting, the legal citizens of the USA will find their votes nullified and we will witness the rise of a one-party State..which will be the end of the Republic and of our remaining freedoms/liberty.

  6. John,
    What is your intent? Are you planning on using this as an effort to start cultivating numerous concerted letter writing campaigns? For instance, grievance #1 on immigration. This should be the seed to start all members of MSO to start writing their representatives both State and Federal using this topic. But don’t stop there. All of us should encourage all of our contacts in our email contact list, to do the same and for them also to share the effort. If we can do this, then I think you may see something happen….probably put us all on the top of the Sh.. list but what the heck. It would be an honor.

  7. John, I agree with your stand on this issue and support it. I also agree with the others who have sent in comments and bilbo 2016, if it does come to that I fear anarchy will reign in this country.

  8. Besides Illegals from the south we also have an ever growing Muslim Community in north Texas At least half of the Board of Directors of the Muslim Legal Fund (MFLA) is comprised of individuals who are leaders in U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations including the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) which operates the Dallas Central Mosque that has been known to be tied to Hamas support. Perhaps the most notable of the MFLA board members is Hatem Bazian, President of the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) and also part of the U.S. Hamas support infrastructure,

    The seeds for conflict are already in place and growing, will you and yours be ready? Are you preparing for the unthinkable? Do you understand the reality of this? Now is the time friends kick up your preps.

  9. It just seems to get better and better, the people need to wake up and see what is happening to this country. Any one else read anything into his remarks of not turning the keys to the White House over to Trump and his statement of him being elected to a third term, I hope he was only kidding.

  10. OK .. so stating your grievances will make you a target if they know it’s you. Snail mail is safer than electronic. Mouth to mouth safer still if you use challenge coins . Just remember big symbols make big targets and get detained or isolated will not help .. The trick isn’t finding or getting in or even getting out.. The trick is doing what you need to and no one knows who you are .. The assembly plan or Statement of grievances will be effective either way .. If you don’t know how many .. you add the unknown.. or fear.. not way to prepare.. I like covert .. not spraying words all over and big statements.. That said I do not know as much as I want to, to put out the message and remain covert. Just my opinion.

    • goinggray58 – the signers of the Constitution made a stand. If every single Patriot out there got on Facebook and shouted the truth, and got on Instagram and proclaimed the truth, and started a website to pass on words of truth – it would create a wave of change unlike anything you have ever seen. I cannot stand by and do nothing, say nothing. Everyone makes a choice. I have made mine.

      • Oh make no mistake I have made a stand and am taking all the steps I can … considering dollars, time etc etc .. It’s one of the reasons I am here. I do not disagree with you .. if EVERYONE did the same the country would be different .. even it not what we each personally envision. What I was implying, was that in venue’s like this one and others I like to frequent, public statements are being monitored. I do not think I am being alarmist, or a conspiricist that sees ominous things in every nuanced word.. I do however believe that if I were the “Other” side I would use data tools to figure out the scope of the”problem” .. the problem being patriots, or Tea party, or Right Wing, Biblical Evangelists, Gun “nuts” or how ever they categorize it. Once I have scope, Then I would have a step toward what I would believe would neutralization what I thought was threat to “My: way of thinking. The WAY being their liberal agenda. or whatever they call that.
        I like this forum and it is done well .. provides good information and discussion.
        I am not saying I disagree with your sentiment. I don’t .. I was just saying, and apparently poorly, that what we say is in the open .. Searches to FIND specific conversations hinge around key words because there is soooo much data .. Once found the venue is tagged or the individual is and tracked if deemed worthy or risky whatever ..
        The discussion is reasonable here .. some places I visit don’t know how to use BIG BOY/GIRL Words .. or inside voices.. 🙂 Not helpful discussion .. if helpful articles.

        To me being covert is not standing out to be hammered until will matter ..
        I will say for those I know well .. they know my mind and where I stand .. I am relatively new here ..
        So I may seem wishy-washy .. nope .. not in private or with people I know well .. and my network as well ..
        thanks for th econversation

  11. goinggray58, just so you know brother Rourke and I have had this conversation offline about such things. I appreciate what your saying very well, but I think John’s of the perspective. I’m taking a stand, here is the line and where I stand. I think what Rourke is saying is true that if a wave of the people standing up on social media and everywhere else would overwhelm the rhinos in office and the gubberment.

    Each person has their limitations and what their willing to sacrifice. For example, I was a target of the IRS scandal for being an early outspoken critique of the evil people in office. Fortunately, for me the poison had not spread as much then as it has now and I was able to get the help of an advocate. But to get to that advocate was by God’s mercy, because they didn’t want to assign one to me. I do not see myself as some sort of Paul Revere , but I can tell you once you stand up to a bully you remove all their fear/power. Which of course is why they stopped bullying people and just out right started breaking the law. Which of course brings us back full circle of sounding of because the overwhelming butt whipping they got last congressional elections resolved nothing. They all bend over backwards for that evil man. Clearly, he’s got something on them for they always submit to him. Or of course they are just as evil as the one in office. Regardless, people taking to speaking up. With all this chaos that evil man wants to bring,(hmmm eerily similiar to what ISIS is doing. I wonder why that is?) The only assurance is that fool’s plans NEVER work they way he thinks they will. The real problem is the trials we will go through as a result. Those that do not learn from history, psycho liberals, are doomed to repeat it.

    • Capt.Michaels .. yup .. The definition of insanity .. continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results. There are sooo many battles and so few soldiers.. leaders, lieutenants and Captains will always be targets .. they stand out by rank or voice. And I’ll ask John as well .. So How do you say The line is drawn here .. written .. any any form that means anything so far removed from where it needs to be listened .. Even with greater numbers .. it will be more like gnats or mosquitoes .. easily deterred if not defeated. I am afraid it will take something much more dramatic.. or larger .. to have meaningful change .. and this is where what I think will have to happen.. is not something I want to talk about openly.. with people I don’t know. Yes we need leaders and yes they will take risk .. we need leaders to help co-ordinate and organize. Organize and co-ordinate as covertly as possible ? I think surprise is one of if not the most effective force multiplier .. Something the liberal Generals they have in change now are very aware of. juuussstttt talking here .. meh .. gotta go work . .and I’ll be thinking. What happens when you speak out prematurely … one thought might be “Tea Party” .. it wasn’t defeated it was co-opted .. and made weaker.. IMO

    • I don’t know where .. I don’t think a movement picks a spot or a when.. often not a leader.. Historically it’s more like spontaneous combustion.. flash-point reached .. something makes that right person that guy or woman .. maybe alive .. maybe a martyr .. Right now we have passive resistance.. words , they don’t care about our words .. there are to many of them .. You have to act with the words .. Take the guy in the video .. take away the guy with the camera and someone that said hey lets publish that .. he’s road kill with no effect .. It does not lessen either his resolve or courage.. not at all .. Many die bravely on foreign soil and you hear nothing ,, it’s neutral in effect to change.. I have the tools, the skill and the will ,, no kidding .. I refuse to waste them on meaningless actions … so call me an autobot .. “we send out the call, are here and we are waiting”.. .. I will work, do what I can on my end .. I will prepare .. have discussions .. When I am no longer effective with words alone I’ll add some ….spice .. or go noisy.. Maybe yo guys can talk about land navs and ex-filtration plans or considerations… There is more than one reason to take BOB for a run .. guessing Bob makes the cut on the filter .. maybe not


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