From the Desk of John Rourke – July 27th, 2015

Another reminder that next week I will be AFK. I will not be responding to emails, comments, or dealing with any website issues until August 8th at the earliest. If you see any issues please email me at emergencycd (at) gmail (dot) com. I will get to it when I am able.

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This past Saturday went shooting with a co-worker who is a first time gun owner. He followed my advice and bought a Canik TP9SA from  He loves it. I am almost ready to write up my complete evaluation on mine.


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Amazon has the Baofeng UV-5R dual-band ham radio for less than $30.00. Actually as I type this it is $26.25. This is the lowest I have ever seen it so likely it will not stay that low for long.

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I have been critical of Trump for making some pretty stupid statements but I just listened to one of his speeches. He made a lot of sense to be honest. He certainly appeals to those who are tired of the same old politicians.

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So we made a great deal with Iran? Unbelievable we are giving them billions of dollars which will NO DOUBT fund terrorism against the United States and its allies. I just don’t get it.

Anyone that has any doubt of Iran’s intentions can check out this tweet from Iran’s supreme leader:

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  1. Something is going to give under all this weight. Keep prepping!

    Rourke, since you will be completely AFK. I have a question. Will be people be able to post comments since they have to be moderator approved? Also, just a suggestion and I’m guessing you’ve already thought of this since your always spot on. Should you put a little sign/Pic showing website is on “Vacation or Training” for this day, until that day? That way it leaves bread crumbs or a light on for those new people that may want to revisit? Gosh, suddenly the motel 6 commercial came to

    Haven’t seen any new posts from SP1. I hope he’s doing well. I’m sure he’s really busy getting ready in these final days, so to speak.

    • Capt. Michaels – I will likely post something similar to what you suggested. As far as comments go all comments are automatically approved UNLESS there are 2 or more links involved. If there are multiple links it is flagged to be manually approved. Those will have to wait.

      Thanks for the suggestion on posting a message that I am away. I think I have an idea on how to do that.

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