From the Desk of John Rourke – July 24th, 2015

One of MSO’s many readers “Rob” offered to send me a bunch of old issues of “SURVIVE” magazine. Awesome! As a teenager I would anxiously await each and every copy at my local newsstand. I would read them cover to cover absorbing every word.


Thanks Rob!!

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Read that the Department of Justice is looking at opening a case to investigate a gun shop who states they will not serve Muslims. It may sound harsh but I have no issue with this. The public can decide whether to do business with them or not. Guess I am getting more Libertarian. Guess it is OK to have Black Entertainment Television and EBONY magazine but a gun shop cannot chose who to do business with.

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Right now one of my favorite flashlights  – the Sunwayman C22C. You can read my review of this excellent light HERE.

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AS I finish this up it was just announced that another shooting at a movie theater occurred in LA. I pray for the victims. No doubt the anti-gun crowd will seize the moment.

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Have a great weekend everyone.



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  1. This appears to be a really good flashlight. I will try to get this one before the sale is over. Hopefully I can sale some of my old laptops really,really cheap on Ebay to get the money. If you guys know of anyone looking for one we can talk turkey(exchange emails) off the website. I hope this is not out of line to bring this up here Rourke. I apologize in advance. You know..maybe a barter, trade, and shop link on your Patriots website..hmmm. I’ve yet, to see a single prep site with one of those on it.

    Saw the Lafayette, La shooting new reports. I can’t help, but to begin questioning if false flag attacks are real. Especially, after Sandy Hook. Everything about that shooting, that really did happen, was covered up. That or this *Beep* decided to copy the Aurora shooting. Either way, I do have my carry conceal license now. There is an old saying. It’s better to be judged by 12, then carried by 6. I will make sure I’m protected and I can protect my family.

    Seeing those magazines reminds me of the days of waiting to buy the next issue for some of the comic books I liked..heh that or going to TG&Y to turn in bottles to buy a Dr.Pepper.

  2. Capt. Michaels- I had never heard that saying-its a good one.
    Rourke theres a current magazine that is exc. named Survivalist Its worth the money for a sub. 6 issues per year.
    If that gun store was smart they would have called the FBI immediately if they suspected a buyer that was
    a terrorist-or made an excuse why they could not have sold a product.
    I have to wonder though if some of these shootings are being staged just to get an edge on the anti gun
    non-sense. Thoughts anyone?

    Pleasant sharing : Mama wild duck has successfully raised 6 ducklings who are all grown now and enjoying our pond !! Arlene

  3. Nice light! I wonder, how much longer will a supposed intellegent society continue to believe that gun free zones keep them safer. I understand the original intent and its noble goal of reducing gun violence but no matter, it doesn’t work. In actuality it only makes the perp safer. You remember a few months back, the pilot who committed suicide by flying his airliner into a mountain, killing everyone on board. In that tragety as with many of these “gun free zone” mass shooting, the very thing that was supposed to help keep the passengers safe (the flight deck safety door) was what sealed their doom….

  4. every business should be able to reserve the right to serve whomever the like .. cakes, guns whatever .. A product is a product.. let the market decide whether they want to support it.
    Remember big statements make big targets .. if you just do what you need to and don’t make an event out of it .. ur better off..

    There is a lot they aren’t saying about the shooting certainly .. staged ? meh .. I don’t like to think so but there are several reasons they could be I suppose..
    If it were an Islamist that was not actually recognized .. long term it would be something they might want to do .. works in anyone’s favor that wants gun control to be strict. That is a little to out there for me though I guess..

    What I did see was an emphasis on his anti government statements in social media etc ,, Big Brother IS watching folks .. If you do have to do anything you’ll be treated by what they can find …. given NSA ability .. there is nothing they can’t see about you .. sigh!

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