From the Desk of John Rourke – July 23rd, 2015

Health & Fitness Update:  A few weeks ago my back developed a muscle spasm that was very painful. I am at about 95% right now and doing sooooo much better. A few days of trigger point massage – which is painful in itself – has taken care of it.

I continue to stray from Crossfit. The reason is primarily a few injuries and a lack of motivation to kill myself the way that Crossfit is. I still coach a class at my local Crossfit every Tuesday night however I have been getting back into more of a bodybuilding-style workout.

Strength remains good while working around some minor shoulder issues:

close-grip bench press – 255 max

front squat – 245 max

overhead machine press – 200 for 6 reps(entire stack)

Just a few examples.

My blood pressure has been doing better and I am on medication. I have a follow up appoint this morning.

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Russian bombers flew 39 miles of the California coast on July 4th. Maybe they were just watching some fireworks.

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Working on updating my “Preparedness Store” here within the pages of MSO. Assortment of items which are mostly from Amazon covering a wide range of preparedness categories.

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Any opinion on the header at the top of the screen? I am trying to change it up and just playing around. If it doesn’t look any different it may take some time to change.

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It was released today that most of those killed in the Chattanooga military shooting were hunted down inside the building. Chalk those killing up for another victory for the anti-gun crowd. Ridiculous.



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  1. Excellent, Rourke. That is really good news about getting back up to speed brother. I noticed the header right away. I like it and it’s a nice change, but that’s my 2 cents.

    The Chattanooga shootings? Pissed me off, beyond belief! Especially as a former Marine. It literally took me an additional 3 days to get off the pissed mode and stay calm the whole time. I had to put myself in a box emotional and keep the lid closed. Do you know what Marines do when they are attacked? They attack back!!

    Sources: Navy officer, Marine fought to take out Chattanooga gunman

    This fight is way far from over. That fool emperor with his new clothes and the idiots supporting him. Every single thing that fool and his idiots supporters touch fails! They are going to get their come up in’s one way or another.

    Speaking of things that a leader touches and doesn’t fail:

    Surprise! The States Can Reject the Iran Deal

    Thanks to the victory at the Supreme Court by then-Texas Solicitor General Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
    in Medellín v. Texas (2008), it is a settled principle in constitutional law that states cannot be forced to comply with international treaties unless Congress has passed statutes giving them effect

    Yes, that is correct. All possible to one man..Ted Cruz. and he’s not president, (yet).

    Semper Fi!

  2. Capt. Michaels, Yes the idiots who thinks he is an emperor instead a president has messed this country up and we can only pray it can be fixed with the election of a new president. I would feel comfortable with Cruz at the helm. I wonder what would happen if the states rejected this deal, I also wonder what is going to happen to the personal who used their own weapons to stop the killings?

  3. You know after 36 I had to change my workout .. then again after 44.. and now again last year .. (no I did not say how old I am now 🙂 )
    My back and joints just didn’t support stress in the same way the did in my 20-30’s when I was competing. High mileage .. but what good is life if you don’t go for it right? Anyway .. I tailored a workout that protected those things that needed protecting .. 55 pounds later I am off all meds (there were several and they were hinting BP and cholesterol).. The joke it is I worked by backside OFF.. for 2 years to be normal .. that’d be blood test only .. I started writing a book on the thing .. bout half done .. maybe I’ll finish ..
    Anyway .. good for you John .. keep after it .. and you are welcome to a copy .. such as it is.

    On the Chatanooga thing … I think recruiting stations should be treated and government installations not subject to local ordinances. No way. Let the professionals handle it .. they are better trained than 95% or the civilians .. Treating recruiters like retail clerks is ridiculous. If I were them I am afraid that is a rule I would break daily.. if covertly. Further if you have an honorable discharge and have not been convicted of a felony you should be granted a permit automatically on request, not training or certification required except for the laws of the state in which you reside.
    I am afraid what will stop it is a weak congress and CIC (being nice here) .. that REALLY does not what honorable patriots to have carry weapons.

    Not a surprise to me .. I have been preaching assembly or convention of states for a while to force term limits, and halt presidential overreach. google “convention of states”.. it is .. interesting. IMO it is the BEST way to approach the issues .. The important issues will never come directly to the ballot box.. and I don’t trust our “elect” as far as I could throw them. However I would like t try .. and keep trying to… 🙂

  4. Okay..that is awesome Goinggray58. I find your work out results very encouraging. Yes, Convention of States would totally change the ball game. And that issue may be pushed forward with this Iran deal(scam).

  5. The situation in Chattanooga qualified my policy that I stated a few comments earlier here as to why I avoid “Gun Free” zones. If on rare occasions I have too take wife or daughter to a movie or other gun free zone, I ignore there post and am armed anyway. i am a responsible gun owner, free American, The Constitution not only gives you the right, it also states that your rights are “inalienable”. good to see you working on your health, I am too at 54 years old and a large boned 6 foot half breed Hawaiian, 200 lbs I am lean, at 265 not so, lol. I can relate to (goingrey58), old sport and military injuries come back to haunt you, your eye sight isn’t what it was being in bifocals now for close reading. Be that as it may, when I visited my family in California last year, My nephew wanted to me to take to the pistol range, he never shot a gun before. I could still empty a Glock 19 magazine into a business card at 8-10 yrds, not bad for an old guy. BTW, he did very well, he has a good eye and listens well.

  6. Badger, rights are unalienable which means the can not be taken or surrendered as the were granted by the creator, inalienable means they can not take them but you can surrender them. I went through this with Washington as the Thomas Jefferson Memorial states inalienable and there reply was drafts were done with both words and the committee picked inalienable which is not the way the Bill of Rights is worded, this was done under FDR”S administration. Rourke, if you need I can send a copy of the letter I received from Washington.

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