From the Desk of John Rourke – July 22nd, 2015

Options are always good. I know a few people who have bought inserts for their shotguns to shoot a variety of calibers in their shotguns beyond just the normal 12 gauge. Not sure how accurate these things can be but being able to utilize an assortment of ammunition is certainly beneficial.

I have a group member that has done something similiar with his Glock. Having extra barrels and magazines allows for interchangeability between 40S&W and 9mm using the same frame. Add a .22LR upper to the frame and now 3 calibers can be shot out of one gun.

A loyal reader sent in some information to me of a very similar nature. A picture is worth a 1,000 words:

IMG_5518 (1)


In this case four calibers in one gun.






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  1. Hi John….I’m just a touch confused…..which glock is the original for the three change overs? Thank Rusty

  2. I believe a .40 caliber glock can be downgraded with a new barrel and magazine to .357 sig, or 9mm. I have a Glock 35 with replacement barrels to accomplish this. I believe a 9mm glock DOES NOT go upward to a .40 replacement barrel. I believe the “stronger” frame glocks can downgrade but not the other way around. I search for the replacement barrels first and then moved forward after investigating and verifying the info. Also, a Glock 27 (in .40) can take a 9mm replacement barrel and 9mm magazine to “downgrade as well. Hope this helps but please do your research and always be safe.

  3. Today my .380 “squibbed”. The range people stated that that was a first for them. It sounded like a cap gun. Better than a “hang fire” by far. I forgot to ask how they got the bullet out of the barrel. How did they? They suggested that I take it to a gunsmith to see if the barrel was damaged. That would really suck. This is my go to hand gun because the grip fits my hand. History of the gun is that I haven’t fired it for 23 years. The Ammo was just as old. I thought the ammo was stored properly. No moisture. Cool dry area. Now I am worried that all the ammo I have for that weapon is no good. That would really suck too. The price for the 50 rounds is still on the box as $8.00. Now it is going for like four times that amount. Can you or any other folks answer the questions that have come out of this post without me actually asking them? Thanks in advance for your responses.

  4. Glenn, smokeless powder will deteriorate over time and this may be the cause, though it could have an improper powder charge, rare but not unheard of.

  5. Sig Sauer also has a system called the Sig Sauer P-250 that is similar except the receiver part can be changed into different caliber kit guns.. You can have 9 mm, .357 sig, 40 cal, and 45 cal pistols in subcompact. compact and full size pistols. The Sig Sauer site has all of the information on the P-250

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