From the Desk of John Rourke – July 20th, 2015

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine went well. Organized my garage some, test fired an AR pistol I recently built, and did some good food prep for the rest of this week.

“Food prep” in case you are unfamiliar is preparing food for the entire week and freezing it until needed. Helps efforts in eating healthy and staying on course. My diet has sucked recently and need to get back on course.

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I was recently asked in person by a “newbie” to the prepping world what she needed to work on first. She was wanting a checklist to follow. That is a tall order as circumstances often dictate preparedness efforts. My initial answer? Food and water to start with. I will be in contact with her again and will elaborate further.

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I just received an Alocs Alcohol Stove from Took a couple weeks to receive it but it is great.  Right now it is on sale for $13.99 with Free Shipping  – just use coupon code: AHQSCM.


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Hope everyone has a great week.



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  1. Alcohol is a wonderful renewable fuel. Everyone, just remember when using alcohol for heat, it’s flame is hard to see.


  2. Also in winter at extreme low temps, for me almost impossible to use do to lack of fumes from low temperature, having said that I have many of these in my preps as well a pressurized cook stoves and DIY rocket stoves

  3. Yesterday my husband and daughter got out all 4 of our old Coleman gas camp stoves. I wish I knew how to enclose a photo .They were near our pond under a big shady nut tree. These stoves were old-one 40 years,one 30 years the other two 20 years.Three worked fine even though they hadnt been used in many years. One needs a new part. Arlene

  4. On the diet thing .. Yup food prep is a really good idea .. if you are interested in finding out what you are eating and what is does for you .. I like to log my food in and it reports on things like carbs and fat .. salts etc etc If you do that for a couple of weeks and don’t cheat .. it is both illuminating and depressing 🙂 I found out a couple things 1.) If you don’t make it yourself you do not know what is in it and have no control 2.) You almost have to be working out or running hard WHILE eating bacon or sausage for it not to do bad things to your cholesterol and waist 🙂 (so I gave them up – hence depressing part ) ha!

    One thing I have been considering . My Grandfather ate “badly” by today’s standards and stayed trim and well until his 70’s. I expect since he was a farmer and canned his own, ate his own and worked physically sun up to sun down .. he used the calories .. instead of sitting behind a desk or other passive activity.
    So Question: Anyone know of references to base diet vs SHTF diet needs .. clearly more colorizes are needed for hiking.. etc etc .. for planning might make a good topic too. And maybe you have already covered that here before I signed on. curious .

    I’m considering distilling alcohol .. for fuel of course .. It seems to be one of the better barter items .. again for fuel of course.. If you take it in trade .. remember .. as Panhandler Rancher said . burns clear.. but also remember .. wood alcohol is adequate fuel or solvent but deadly for consumption … a quick test it lighting a sample .. If you see yellow at the edge of the flame .. it is usually wood alcohol… green or bronze means it’s contaminated with metals .. An interesting topic that might be worth and article or two if anyone wants to follow it up ?

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