From the Desk of John Rourke – July 1st, 2015

Greece’s unemployment rate sits at over 25%. This is just one indication of a country run by Socialists where the vast majority of citizens actually work for the government. Greece has not made their scheduled $1.8 billion dollar loan payment to the I.M.F. however there is still a possibility that they will make a deal with their creditors. I

In July Greece has another scheduled payment due. This one is to the European Central Bank to the tune of $3.5 billion dollars. All indications are unless they can receive another European bailout the dominoes are going to start falling even faster.

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Don’t you just love it when someone needs something from you it is “right now”, right away” and “ASAP” but when you need something it’s like pulling teeth.

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I am in the middle of test the Olight S80 Flashlight. This thing ROCKS!!! Review coming next week.

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Anyone have any experience with night vision goggles such as these Yukon NV 1 x 24 units or something similar. I understand they are Gen 1 and someone else with night vision can see the illuminator.

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Hope you get a kick out of this……



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  1. Any recommendations for night vision optics is most appreciated .
    I am deeply insulted and saddened by the fact that the NYTimes newspaper chose to print a photo
    of the Pope covered with condoms and of Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus-covered in dung and surrounded by pornographic photos -this was reported by Fox news tonight. They refused to print the cartoon of Allah -because it might offend a Muslim family -oh by its ok to insult Christians and Catholics? If you feel as I do please e mail them.We truly are in Tribulations.

    I am wondering if the White House will be putting red,white and blue lights up for our 4th of July?
    Maybe green lights for St Patricks day !!!

    The nightly news gets more diifficult to watch.. Arlene

  2. Update on Greece situation:
    The IMF debt has NOT been paid. The ECB debt will probably not been paid.
    Capital control measures have been implemented. Citizens can only withdraw 60 Euros (~ 70 $) per day. Web banking transactions are only allowed for domestic enterprises, although web banking is not popular.
    Most major retailers accept debit / credit cards at the moment, but this can change. Most small stores do NOT accept debit / credit cards since plastic money is not very popular. Greece used to be a cash oriented market.
    A lot of queues in banks and ATM. Banks are closed and work only for pensioners who do not own a debit card.
    Tourist debit cards do not have a limit in the amount they can withdraw.
    No visible shortages on food / fuel at the moment.
    No violence at the moment.
    Some demonstrations bet peaceful.
    Criminal activity has not increased.

    Things were bad and now they are getting worse. Most logical conclusion is a complete breakdown of the banking system and having even stricter capital control measures for a long time.
    Nobody knows what Sundays referendum will have as a result.


  3. Rest assured, just like in our socialist government the Greeks will be “saved” at the last minute by a miraculous bailout…probably from Russia.

  4. Man, that NVG is pretty big. Don’t get me wrong, I would take that over nothing. Also, I realize what fits and works for one person may not work for another. I’m leaning towards a set up like this, just an example:

    That way I can have comparison of NVG against what I’m seeing in real time. I also wanted to give myself a better chance in case a bright flash or light hits the NVG. I’m leaning towards this one or perhaps one level up.

    More flashlights…cool! I’m still trying to get the last set your demo’d.

  5. At those costs, I’d recommend that you stay clear of the Yukon and lean to the armasite stand alone. Also forget about that skull crusher harness, 20 minutes of wearing it and you’ll wish you did. Get a light weight bump helmet and the flip down mounting hardware instead.

  6. Armasight Vampire 3X Night Vision Rifle Scope (CORE IIT, 60-70 lp/mm)
    Armasight Vampire 3X Night Vision Rifle Scope (CORE IIT, 60-70 lp/mm)
    Sold by: LLC
    In Stock

    This and 200 dollar hand held is all I have right now, capt has the right ideal on the bump helmet harness system, that’s my next night vision accessory

  7. Nice, capt, great price too, dam thing landed right in my cart lol, now I’ve got to find some optics! 😉 any suggestings?

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