From the Desk of John Rourke – July 17th, 2015

As I write this the information on the shooting at two military facilities in Tennessee is becoming more clear. It is certainly looking like what I would call an Islamic terrorist attack. Time will tell the truth…..maybe. What is ridiculous is the banning of guns on military bases. Soldiers not allowed to carry firearms. Just doesn’t make sense. If someone can enlighten me feel free.

Notice the “no weapons allowed” sign in the window of the door at the Recruitment Center involved in the shooting:


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Ever here of Giant Hogweed? Jim sent in a link on identifying this very dangerous toxic plant that grows in a variety of areas across the world – including here in the States.

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Received a message from Julie regarding my peanut butter post:

“FYI- I am currently eating a jar of peanut butter which is dated Jan. 2011. The jar has been open for some while as I’m single and don’t eat a whole jar of PB very quickly. It just sits in the cupboard. No frig, no freezer, no special conditions or treatment. It’s still just as good as a fresh new jar. It’s an off- brand called American that I got for a dollar a jar. Can’t beat 4 1/2 yrs beyond date and still good for only a dollar.”

Thanks Julie for sharing!

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Something to think about when picking your camp site:

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Found a local guy that sharpens knives. Dropped off a few to him and will see how he does. He charges $3.50-$6.00 per blade depending on size. Guy is about 80 years old and has probably been doing this for years.

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Have a great weekend everyone!!!



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  1. The regulation limiting the carrying of firearms, on base, to military police only was signed by Bill Clinton in 1993. I’m not sure what the argument was to get this garbage through but I would imagine it was something like a singular incident of two soldiers arguing and having it escalate into an armed assault. Whatever the case, todays risk environment demands a complete reversal of this foolish position. How many of Americas’ finest citizens must perish because progressives feel safer the more defenseless good people are???!!!! The time has returned when every citizen must consider themselves a protector of our nation and regain the mindset of a minuteman.

  2. You are absolutely right DrSique. Time for Sheepdogs, not just being one of the sheeple any longer.

    That flood video was wild. I have never seen footage like that before, and it is an eye opener as to what is being pushed at the head of a flash flood.

  3. I work on a military base and even some of the guards that man the front gates are only issued non-lethal firearms and tazers. And even with a conceal carry permit, I’m not allowed to bring firearms on base. How long will it take for the populace to understand that places which don’t allow legal conceal carry (or open carry) of firearms, only put law abiding citizens in danger? Do you think those signs deter criminals? No – they INVITE criminals! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Acknowledge and use the facts – not emotions.

  4. IMHO I avoid gun free zones. I consider them killing zones by crazies regardless of there reason. It’s like leaving the chicken house open to predators. I am a veteran and a sheep dog, I have my rapid response rig close by most of the time and my person is always armed. I will stand alone to protect my myself, my family, my friends, neighbors and my town. My wife and I have a standing order that if I can not get her out of harms way, then I will engage the enemy to its final conclusion. Everyone should be keeping there heads on swivels, paying attention to the news, people, vehicles, who’s around you when your shopping, at a restaurant, theater, any gathering, getting gas for your vehicle. Perhaps letting a first responder know that you provide added protection to there family as a good neighbor. We have to watch out for each other.

  5. Badger, my family calls them ‘shoot me zones.’ NOW is certainly the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Let’s keep the fallen and their families in our prayers.

  6. Everyone-YES. to all your comments. I believe that THIS recent incident of Radical Islamic Terrorism
    will kill the Iran deal and has awakened many people. My heart and prayers and notes of support to all
    the family members of the murdered.At least the authorities in Tenn. called it what it is.
    I just used Crisco making cookies that was purchased in 2012 and it worked fine.
    Well put Dr Sique.
    Lets all keep calling our Senators and the White House to take action now.
    WE need the Lord now more than ever. Arlene

  7. Chef’s Choice makes a rather pricey but truly outstanding knife sharpener (electric). 3 angles of attack, and nearly or actually razor sharp. Forget the clamps and rods and all that crap. I’ve sent them all back because the rods holding the stones bend like tin foil when any pressure is placed on them. Unless you want to powder it’s bottom and baby sit it all day, only soft pressure will work. Other wise you cannot keep a constant angle so that’s a waste of your time you can’t get back. The next best are the DMT Diamond impregnated stoves. I would recommend the largest for the house, and the folders for the Adios bag. Get each grit and learn to maintain the angle by hand. It’ll take a while, but having learned at age 6 from my father. I can still, 62 years later, out an edge on, assuming the steel will take one.

    Oh yeah, DLT Trading will soon have for civilian sale the knife chosen by the USMC as the new issue knife. They (MC) spent $5,000 on off the shelf products of all price ranges and numerous brands, and finally it came down to BARK RIVER KNIVES, I bought a Strike Force Bravo 10, and at $250 or so it’s one hell of a knife. Give me this one and another 2 from my collection and I’ll be good to go. I freely admit I suffer obsessive/compulsive disorder, and that I am unreasonably “picky” about my purchases, especially items intended for lifetime, and and then inheritable things. By the time you are 22 your body has become what it will be for the rest of your life. Then you buy $295 shoes and $300 logging boots. Each is the high quality range and should last nearly a lifetime, given proper care.I don’t give much credence to the cute ittle hiking boots–anyplace they can go I can go as well or better, and have much better ankle support, which is mandatory in truly rough country.

    It’s better to do without until you can get the quality to last many years than throe money down a rat hole after some cheap thing that will almost certainty fail when you need it most. Apply that rule to all that you by, even if you aren’t as rich as Bill Gates. You can’t afford not to. Because if and when tshtf,
    YOUR LIFE AND PERHAPS THAT OF OTHERS WILL DEPEND ON QUALITY BASIC NEEDS. That is not the time we want things to fall apart in our hands, is it? You don’t have to spend $16,125 on a scope and rifle I just saw in the latest Recoil Magazine. Only the top10% of the top1% of professional snipers of whatever organization could use it to it’s fullest.

    But a Savage110 .308 WINCHESTER AND 168GR. SIERRA BULLETS in military cases and a good dose of IMR 4895 powder with a 4-12X44mm scope mounted properly will out you on the mark at 1,000 yards will work on your part. You won’t be a world class shooter, for sure, but out to 500-700 yards you can make your target very uncomfortable–dead, most likely. You must practice, study, and learn what YOUR rifle does. To hell with the rest of “the guys”. Unless they are Distinguished Rifleman, Master’s, HIgh Master’s, or Presidents’ 100. Do be gracious, and consider their results–the holes in the target on the range are the proof in the pudding.

    Tinker with cases, bullets, powders, primers, case length, overall cartridge length. Somewhere in there is as near to perfect as you can make it. Use the tools the benchrester’s use–Sinclair at Brownell’s has things each year I’ve never even heard of, but word of mouth has it about what worked and what’s not so good. Do the same for your handgun, and pattern your shotgun with various loads, just so you know which loads centralize the most shot by literally counting the holes. Your handgun, rifle, and shotgun are, with your hatchet and knife, and a KATADYN water purifier and some disinfectant tabs, are you basic tools.

    I don’t think Mr. Rourke has ever intended to mislead people, but I do moderately question some of the products. You can check the price of gold on the London exchange, COMEX, and other large transaction points. No two prices will be the same. But it’s all gold at whatever fineness. What you want is the highest fineness at the lowest price. Or maybe kick in a little more for a better unit of the same type. The last thing is this: The people who contribute to this site as former military and other professionals, such as police, fire, mountain rescue, Coastie Swimmers, and others have a vast range of knowledge, and correspondingly high reputations, which they are not going to be allowed to be associated with some ding-dong money grubber who just wants your shekels, and that’s it. If they contribute to this site, you can take it to the bank. I think the names on the “50” list are not poor or bad choices, but that there might for a few dollars more be better ones.

    , .

  8. Sorry, Dr Sique and all, as much as I detest Bill Clinton, it5 weren’t him. As a matter of fact it wasn’t by executive order but by a DOD directive (DoD Directive 5210.56) in February 1992. The Army implemented this directive in March of 1993 with Army Regulation 190-14, which specifically says it is implementing the DOD directive

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