From the Desk of John Rourke – July 15th, 2015

So the deal has been made with Iran and Iranians are dancing  in the streets. The deal has to survive Congressional scrutiny which is not very comforting. As usual biased news agencies on both sides are just that – biased and not reporting the deal fair and balanced. With that I do not know if it is a good deal with what is in the best interest of the world or not. What I do know is Iran is holding Americans captive – and that is unacceptable. The US should have been able to “turn the screws” and made the release of these people as part of the deal.

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I believe that cyber attacks will be on the increase and affect more and more people over the coming years. Groups are getting more motivated and good at what they do.

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Planned Parenthood sells aborted babies body parts. Un-frigg’n believable.

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Favorite Meal: pizza

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“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”
– Adolph Hitler

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I saw on Amazon Tuesday night that the Baofeng UV-5R is only $26.50. What a bargain. Price may change at any time.


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11 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – July 15th, 2015”

  1. A new arms race will now start in the middle east. Saudi Arabia was said that if Iran get the atom bomb, they will exercise there deal thats in place with Pakistan to provide them with nukes.

  2. And Kerry will ‘win’ a peace prize. If the Iranians agree to anything it is because their goals are already achieved. Remember the Viet Nam so called peace talks that stalled on the shape of the negotiation table? Well those B52s eventually jarred loose real progress.

  3. Crazzzzy! I mean, it’s so bad Saudi Arabia teamed up with Israel. People are like…whaaat,(insert minion voice)? The emirates are Arabic and do not get along with Israel purely based upon religion. To do such a thing before would have causes a civil war in UAE country, but now it’s a whole other story. A lot of people don’t know that Saudi Arabia is on Iran’s nuke list like Israel. Iran wants to nuke SA due to jealousy and the destabilization it would cause nuking the major oil supplier of the world. Part of “the deal” would also let Iran trade/sell arms in 5 years. Mmmm… other than the stupid *beep* sheeples, does anyone else think they won’t sell those nukes off?

    Prime day? Turned out to be a let down. It looks like but on a large scale. I was not expecting much and would have been pleasantly surprised if it was a good thing after all.

    The Baofeng…? Bro…that is, a good deal! and it comes with an ear piece for silent comms…score!

    Planned PH. Disgusting, vile, evil, and screwed up in the head on every level. I mean literally, they are screwed in the head.

  4. On the Iran thing .. rant beginning

    I posted this AM on FB and FB removed it .. no kidding .. I saw it post and now it is gone.. not a rant or BS or pretend actual .. my first personally so I’ll try again. “Last night I watched the Iranian president announce the Iranian deal on CSPAN. He slapped the US in the face 3 times .. not by name but directly. He was aggressive and not at all diplomatic of conciliatory. His emphasis and where he put it in the speech made it pretty clear as did the body language that Iran were free to do as they please and would and no one could do anything about it.
    I then watched the response of house and senate majority leaders respond to the agreement after having only been given it for 2 hours prior to the press event .. All 3 respondents had a similar opinion. What Congress required Obama and Kerry to do was not done, and was nearer to exactly opposite of what was required of them. And I quote “We expected an agreement that would disable Iran as a Nuclear state. The agreement instead enables them” . 1.) Anytime anywhere inspections was NTO agreed to and is not enforceable, based on the agreement. 2.) In 5 years Iran will be able to pursue nuclear weapons, as in missiles and legally use them. 3.) Bans on trade in conventional weapons will be lifted starting immediately and phasing in over 3 years. 4.) Billions of dollars in frozen accounts will be unfrozen, with no provision or language that Iran must not or must modify its behavior as a sponsor of terrorists groups. (that is with verified facts gathered during the negotiations of them doing so.. per the speakers, not just me saying it). Congress has not signed I tin to effect and has 60 days to review and debate. Ob needs 34 votes for it to pass. He has said “If they do not vote it in I will veto it and they do not have the 2/3 votes to override it and the measure will become law” (accurate paraphrase.. again not just me saying it). Call your congressman and tell them they will be voted out of office if this is voted for by them… I am not surprised OB is making law again .. yes it will lead to escalation at a cost of life and money .. as well as strangling Mideast oil production escalating the world oil prices. This is historical fact beginning in 1902 or so and reoccurring several times since. BTW I don’t just sit on CSPAN for entertainment .. I ran across this cycling and running in the gym .. next time I’m going for Supernatural or Cartoons .. it was disheartening to listen to them speak so poorly and with not political conviction at all… much less the result

    rant concluded ..

    You guys own the Baofeng ? considering getting it and a slick line for my bag..
    of course there are ham courses etc etc I need a 40 hour day and a large paycheck without the job ..
    1st rule of fight club 🙂

  5. Everyone- Lets get calling all our rep. a.s.a.p. WE MUST DEFEAT this Iran deal or the world is doomed .B.O
    needs to be impeached on grounds of being delusional and a traitor to the American people and those prisoners in Iran. Going Gray58-excuse my ignorance but what is FB ? Thanks.

  6. My understanding on these low end radios such as the Baofeng UV-5R is the firmware is hardwired and can not be updated like the more expensive ones. Thus making the radio obsolete and requiring you to buy their newest version radio to have the up to date firmware, which is required for it to work properly. If someone here has a background in this area they may be able to explain in more detail this issue with the low end radios.

    • Jon – It is correct that the firmware cannot be upgraded however there is never a need. The radio can always be programmed for whatever frequency desired and used. No issue with needing to upgrade the firmware.

  7. I called my congress man’s office yesterday morning and he is not in favor of this treaty and that it what it is. Our law makers have given their power to reject these thing to the idiot in the White House and now he is going to use it to his full advantage.

  8. hypothetical question. Suppose I had an AR and I wanted to put night vision on it. Do any of you have any suggestions on make, model, brand? Thanks

  9. Hmmm….that’s a good question Glenn. The information overload you would receive..will be huge. If PR is watching this thread..he would be a good resource to ask. He always runs top of the line stuff. I can say/recommend for sure go to You can review the user comments and bounce those against YouTube videos/reviews.


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