From the Desk of John Rourke – July 13th, 2015

1 in 5 kids do not graduate high school. Not a good stat and yet there is little discussion about the problem. If 1 in 5 cell phones stopped working today there would be panic in the streets and protest galore.

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I am about 25% through Book 2 of The Days of Noah. It is a very compelling read and has generated a lot of thought about the possible methods a collapse could happen and the environment just prior, during, and after. There is a definite Christian backbone to the story which I have enjoyed.

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Preparedness Project: Have started accumulating and organizing digital information covering all aspects of preparedness. Storing them on Micro SD cards, USB thumb drives, and inexpensive tablets. I am dividing information up based on categories such as gardening, homesteading, medical/first aid, defense, etc. This is not replacing paper books and print outs but in addition to.

As I get further along I will share more.

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So I hear NASCAR is going to ban the use of the term “racing” for fear it may be misconstrued for “actively participating in racism”.


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Happy Monday…..I can see the weekend off in the distance.




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  1. Summer has arrived here in upstate NY 88 degrees. We still have pleasant nights of 60s though. I have been busy pickling cucumbers.I was pleased that I had stocked in all the spices that I needed. Prepping is such a benefit. Our letttuce and swiss chard have been delicious.Tomatoes are green .
    The apple and nut trees are heavy with fruit . Wondering if its a sign of another harsh winter. The Farmers Almanac has always been correct when it said that in our area when theres fog in June there will be snow in Oct. We are still getting morning fog;very unusual for July. Our weather pattern has been a few days of sun and then rain so our water table is exc. but its hard to make hay .
    Hows everyone out there ? Arlene

  2. Hey Rourke the books of Noah are a great read cant wait for #3 . As for Nascar all they are for anymore is the money so they have to be like any other Liberal biss .

  3. Worse than not graduating, I think one and five kids don’t know who daddy is – and neither does mom.


  4. I’d be interested in how you organize your information and in what format (PDF, HTML, Word, Text.. etc etc ). If you look at Faraday Bags I’d be interested in your or the group findings .. Two problems with electronics .. Power and Electronic Protection. Sooo it follows that any plan contains some plan for renewing power in any needed devices. Unless you write a book with everything you need paper is just not feasible for all needful information.. add to that regional differences .. changes in Tech .. and changes in what you learn.. It would be out of date before you published it .. not that it would be a bad idea.. But electronic data is searchable and fast..

    Anybody know a good source for relatively recent Grid Maps for Southeastern US ? Trying to work on my Navs..

  5. Shoo..that’s a tall order goingray. When you say Grid maps I believe you mean regular land/nav maps, not power grid maps. I did a long search and surprising the options to get a true topographical map are not so readily available like you would think. Fortunate for us as we all bring something to the table to share. I’ve gone down this road. Here, go to this website and you can get ala carte what you need for maps. I preferred the printed ones and then laminate due my experiences in the military.

    Faraday bags? I prefer the cages, (made out of garbage cans, ammo cans, etc) but that has been covered here on this website on older posts. Speaking of which, is there a search option for this site for us to search through old posts? To search by key words instead of titles or what not? As far as electronics and accessing data. Rourke did cover this recently for mobile. This includes USB drives for data storage. You should know USB flash drives do have a finite number of times they can write/re-write which means they WILL eventually fail. Here is a 64GB from Microcenter for only $16….errrr once it’s back in stock. It only comes with a one year warranty, but Microcenter brand flash drives are the cheapest and most reliable I can find so far. It doesn’t mean they will fail in one year. That last one I bought is 5 years old.

    Power source to re-charge all that mobile equipment…that’s a whole other ball game. I’m sure everyone can chime in on their recommendations, but honestly I would go with something similar to this and this brand if possible. You can search for better prices on Amazon or what not:

    When it comes to reading those USB drives or anything mobile for that matter. Here a little nugget that everyone on this website can use. It’s called Raspberry Pi. You can put together a very small computer for really cheap. They are sold in small components, you put them together. Most people don’t want to spend the time or don’t have the time. However, your talking $35 for the main part and something like $10 for some of the other parts if you want them. You only need the main board, as it’s called. So if you have a limited budget and time. You can make something really awesome for next to nothing. These things use the very same technology that smart phones use. Here is a reliable link to a seller of these products. They sell them in kits for like..pffft $65.

    Here are some uses, but all you have to do is You tube it for more.

    Questions for Arlene. I’ve been contemplating getting a Farmer’s Almanac to help us farm when everything crashes. My questions were how reliable are they, which I know you pretty much just answered and how far can I use one year’s book? I mean cause when it crashes I can’t just go get another. Also, if they are so reliable, why can’t weather people develop such prediction skills?

  6. Capt.Michaels.. I’ve been in IT for 30+ years and had some EXPERIENCES in a previous life .. with some of my mil-spec friends 🙂 .. I had not played with Rasberry PI .. I’ve read but not touched .. maybe I will look at it .. should not be all that hard .. it’s not usually the processor that gets you .. but the display in the outback ..
    as to Faraday .. at home base fixed cages are certainly best .. I just can’t guarantee that I will be at fixed base with my “stuff” when it becomes an issue right .. so bags in my go bag or get home bag for use is what I was thinking about ..

    Thanks for the map link as well .. I have access to some custom GIS software .. that looks similar ..
    I was hoping to find SO East US in a flip book .. (think old Rand McNally binder .. with a grid ).. baring that Military Spec .. to be more familiar ..
    and laminate for sure .. something weather resistant .. and works with a grease pencil for the pack.. yeah I want too much I know
    ask for what you want and take what you have to right ? Maybe we shod publish one and sell it .. seems to be a need and no access.. might fund some activities 🙂

    Converting and sharing the PDF’s as an exchange might be good too …
    Take a look at calibre .. freeware and converts pretty much any format to any format (linux or windows) PDF or ebooks .. so you can carry a chargeable Kindle etc .. and use mobi or epub … just thinking and asking what everyone else is doing

    I’ll plow through all the information .. I really appreciate the feedback..
    about to start a 20×16 hothouse .. out of moslty free or used stuff .. we’ll see how that goes and maybe I’ll youtube it .. that and my bees (just started this year)..
    maxim .. “If you do bees you get stung ” and 1 sting vs 7 stings is NOT the same thing .. AND I can prove it 🙂
    l8r guys n gals

  7. Awesome Goingray58. I appreciate the feed back and recommendations. I will take a look at calibre to, thanks for the links. Building your shelter? Awww man,(insert swiper voice from Dora). I’m trying to get to that point. I think I’m going to just start cutting frames for my Geodesic even though I have no where to put

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