From the Desk of John Rourke – January 9th, 2015

Just picked up a Magpul MBUS Rear Site for my new AR. Hoping to do some testing this weekend. Β Going to mount an optic but of course need open sites just in case. Something interesting about this build? Less than $500 total. Full report coming soon and that’s all the info your going to get! Β πŸ˜‰

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The terrorist attack in Paris is another example of radical Islam allowed to grow inside a country. They must be eliminated regardless if it is “politically correct” or not. WOuld have been nice of a couple of those workers had been carrying.

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This cold weather….man, it just cuts like a knife through any exposed skin. Brrrrr…..suddenly looking forward to Spring.

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The Walking Dead returns February 8th. Can’t wait!

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5 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – January 9th, 2015”

  1. Rourke- I applaud your determination and courage in telling it like it is. I believe that when a terrorist is arrested they should immediately get the death penalty.We need to help to eradicate this gene pool. Every citizen here deserves to have a bullet proff vest and a gun for protection.
    Another weapon we all have is to PRAY often and PRAY HARD. Prayer is powerful.
    Question for everyone : How has the increase in terrorist attacks affected your life and way of prepping? Arlene

    • Thanks Arlene but not sure I would go quite that far as to kill them immediately after they are arrested. I believe actions need to be taken to keep them out of the country to start with.

  2. Rourke-sorry what I meant was as soon as they were indicted -if thats the correct word for guilty .Its just very sad to see so much $ being sent on the Boston Terrorist bombers trial when his blood and photos and letter written while hiding in the boat proved he did the crime.
    Still death penalty is wanted by the family members of all that he killed and by many who lost limbs.One person was able to forgive- I am a long way from that level of compassion for terrorists- for others maybe but not pure evil ones.(yes thats a judgement call on my part) Thanks for letting me vent. The last few days of world news have been horrendous but then there are some good deeds
    also daily. Arlene
    PS Sorry I am on my sisters computer and I cannot get the print to enlarge.
    Folks possible solar flare coming to earth on Mon.

  3. Hey man! I have the Magpul MBUIS on my AR and I love it. My plan is to eventually put some kind of red dot or optic on it as well. As of right now, with the A-2 post and the MBUIS, my wife and I are able to consistently make 3″groups off hand at 100 yards standing and even better on the bench. Good investment in my opinion!


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