From the Desk of John Rourke – January 6th, 2015

Had some “technical difficulties” yesterday as a couple of posts did not go live until 2:00pm EST. Whoops!

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So, Boehner has someone stepping up to challenge him as Speaker of the House. Interesting. If the other members had any gonads Boehner will be out. Likely will not happen due to the corrupt environment in Washington. Too many favors owed to those in power will keep votes heading in Boehner’s direction.

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Huckabee seems to be thinking of running for President again. I like Huckabee. I believe he is honest. He is not Conservative enough but I would vote for him over many others vying for the Republican candidacy.

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Stallone announced he will be directing and starring in Rambo 5. I know he is getting old but I don’t care. I could watch him roll through jungles in a wheel chair. He never seems to fail at  putting together a great action movie.

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I am almost over my sickness. This has been terrible. No flu but whatever I have had has lingered on too long. Now I am left with a hacking cough but feel fine.


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Stay warm everyone…’s getting pretty darn cold just about everywhere.


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  1. I was real excited after the Nov. election for about as long as it took for all the rep. to start talking about how they were going to continue to go along to get along. Only GOD can change dc. Look at all the usual cowards that are going to run for the rep. president nominee. I’m fed up big time.

  2. We can only hope some of the individuals voting still own their soul, but I fear most don’t. Cold up here , supposed to get above 0 by Saturday

  3. Re: Stallone and a new flick, I’ll pass on him Thank You! Sly’s anti Second Amendment stances, courting the Brady Bunch’s financial favor, even advocating for the door to door removal of ALL Privately Owned Firearms a la NYC SAFE Act is too much especially coming from an individual that makes his living by producing, starring and acting in movies that use firearms. I’ll vote with my wallet along with others.

    Stay warm up there and recover from that flu bug, its a nice cold 50 here.

  4. I agree with desert rat, not only is Sly Stone a hollywood liberal while making a living with guns and phoney violence, he’s a terrible actor and as a retired Special Forces soldier, I think his ‘wambo’ movies are about as real as the “POSOTUS” is an American patriot, jus’sayin…

    • Roberto and desertrat – That’s what makes America great – – choice. Sly is anti-gun and there is no doubt about that. I like his movies and that is a personal choice. His politics range from Conservative to Liberal – depending on the Politician and the issue. I have zero issue with your lack of interest in Sly.

  5. P.S. I was going to tell you that your clock and calender are off by a few hours, but then I realized it was ZULU time…. DUH!

    • Actually Roberto I kinda do that for a couple reasons. One – I know there are some readers that actually look forward to the new posts going live so I have them publish a little early for them. Different time zones and all. Second – I have had problems for years with them not posting per schedule. So I have to go in and do it manually. Helps me get to bed a little earlier. Thanks for recognizing that though.

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