From the Desk of John Rourke – January 30th, 2015

A couple things on the “SHTF” knife contest. Try to make your photo as high quality as possible. Be creative not only with the picture but also with the description(if you choose). Although the contest says “knife” any edged item can be entered – machete, axe, sword, etc. Contest runs from Feb 1st through March 1st. I will be reminding everyone about once per week.

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HAM.Ham.ham.HAm.HaM. haM. Whatever. I have been told enough times that the amatuer radio service that sounds like something you get at the deli is “ham” – no caps. I got it. It’s a habit I have to call it Ham or HAM. Am I wrong? Yup. Do I really care? Not really. I think everyone knows what I am talking about.

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I am way behind my YouTube video watching. A lot of great information – and entertainment there.

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My prediction: NE 23  Seattle: 14

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Did I ever mention that 87.3% of my predictions are wrong? Early 2014 I said gas prices would be up over $6.00 a gallon. Hmmmm…..

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Heading to Aldi’s this weekend to do some major stocking up. Overdue.

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The single biggest boost to the economy in the last decade has been this tremendous decrease in gas prices. This is making a real difference to millions of families across this country. Incredibly the government had nothing to do with it although I believe that with some policy deployment it could have come much sooner.

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At least one of the prisoners involved in the Gitmo swap for desertor Bergdahl has joined back with the Taliban to continue his murderous ways. Wonderful.





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