From the Desk of John Rourke – January 28th, 2015

Get a load of this: A new law was just passed making it illegal to throw food away in the trash in the City of Seattle. These Progressives just never cease to amaze me.

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I can’t get that damn Taylor Swift song “Shake It Off” out of my head.

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Last couple weeks have been hitting the gym pretty hard. I continue to go to Crossfit, but also joined the YMCA and getting in an extra strength training workout here and there. Also have been getting into rowing which I have mentioned before. I am considering asking the owner of the Crossfit “box” I go to about me starting a rowing workout class. I currently coach a HIIT(high intensity interval training) class every Tuesday night.

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My absolute hands down favorite apple: Honeycrisp

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ISIS has performed more beheadings and continues to state that they will make it to the US. I dread the day…..

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Why aren’t all screws Phillips head?




Been watching the current first season of How to Plan the Perfect Murder. Excellent.

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  1. I knew hunger and its left a mark on my life that will probably effect every choice I make to the day I die.
    It is not our right to waste food ( last I checked the consitution ) but it should be a right not to go hungry in the land of pleanty.
    I do not agree with much our gov does when its a freedom or privacy issue.
    Waste is a moral issue more than a leagal one.
    If you are not going to eat it do not cook it.
    If its scrap compost it or feed it to your dog.

    I often have old canned goods or the wife buys too much of something this causes a lot of fights ( food in the trash is wasted money too ).
    But I can and do give to the food bank and get some sense I have done a good thing.

    Why would anyone use a phillips when you could have a good screw like a Robertson?
    Put a phillips on the end of a screw driver and tilt it 90 deg, it will fall off.
    But you can turn a Robetson upsidedown and it sticks ( no magnetic taper lock fit, and it will never cam out of the socket )

    The whole point of terror is to achieve the goal of changing your enemy where normal political means will not.
    If you worry enough to change your behaviour they win.
    Dread not Rourk, we are all in this together our strength comes not from guns or wealth, but from using our rights to free speach and choice.
    Freedom is the ultimate weapon against terror.

  2. “I can’t get that damn Taylor Swift song “Shake It Off” out of my head.”

    Better than being trapped in a Lady Gaga loop, at least Taylor Swift has morals and class.

  3. my pigs would enjoy all that throw away food. . . . in fact , I wish I could get the throwaways from at least one of the local chain grocery stores. . . . but can’t get it.

  4. Rourke-Jerry and everyone- some cities now have collections for food scraps that are composted- a good thing I believe.It will keep
    the rat population down a tad. I grew up with barely enough food at times and the saying Waste not want” .Food is too precious to ever be wasted.IFood pantires are exc. resources for receiving and giving.We need to teach our children budgeting and cooking and baking and
    moral responsibility for the Lords provisions on this precious earth.
    We compost, and feed to the dogs and cats and wildlife.
    Our stores up here still donate food to charities.I used to help volunteer in delivering it to churches, shut ins etc.
    We received about 8 inches of snow and today its sunny and cold 9 but the coastal folks sure got hit hard.

  5. I don’t know too much of the new music these days.

    I know Lady Gag is the bad dresser, and Taylor swift…..
    Well that draws a blank, guess I need to look it up to follow.

    These days I find myself humming the tune mongoloid from way back in my youth.
    I am older than most of my co-workers and boss so when I hum and sing a few bars like ” he wore a hat, and had a job, and no one knew ” absolutely no one knows what I mean or that I am even making fun of them.

    That is the problem with pop culture, it goes stale fast and no one wants any part of it…..

    As a rule of thumb I do not eat a lot of sweets but I was at the fruit and veg shop where all the yuppies hang out last weekend ( because I like the produce and smoked fish ) and picked up some rainbow trout roe.
    Chased it with a light IPA I brewed last fall thats getting a little long in the tooth.
    I make my own beer, I can make my own bread I should be able to make my own sour cream and caviar if I put my mind too it.

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