From the Desk of John Rourke – January 27th, 2015

Reader “CH” recently suggested a good hiding place for money and ammunition is the inside of a vacuum cleaner. Good idea especially if it is a model with a bag. Would hate to forget about the funds and throw away a few hundred dollars by mistake changing a bag. Possibly a vacuum cleaner stuck in a closet that doesn’t even work but is meant just as a cache or hiding place? Maybe even out back in a shed. Interesting.

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Received a Doom & Bloom Mini Deluxe Trauma Kit. Had a fellow group member – we’ll call him “Ralph” check it out. He is an EMT and said he really liked it. Suggested that I add some additional blood control bandages. Will do.

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I have seen several anti-Chris Kyle posts on Twitter and Instagram. Pathetic. I have no issue with someone being against a war but they cross the line when they hate on the men and women that keep us safe.


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My number #1 Preparedness Priority in 2015: Food Storage

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Curious as to what aspect of preparedness is the most challenging for everyone. Care to share?


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  1. The absolute best hiding place in a home is the feezer. If the arti al to be hidden can be frozen you should put it in a baggie and then freeze it in some liquid and rewrap. If your house gets broken into the last thing they will take is a plastic butter tub with a frozen “split pea soup” label taped on it. If you house burns down the artirtical in the frozen liquid might even survive the fire. Don’t know for sure about it surviving a fire…just a hope.

  2. Rourke – water is the thing I struggle with most. I’m not far from a lake but transporting it, purifying it, etc. in a meltdown situation seems dangerous, stressful and heavy work. Don’t have a lot of places to store and in Texas it gets so hot. Suggestions??? Keep Looking UP

  3. Water…. it’ll always be water. I’m 6 miles from lake Erie and a mile from the Maumee river. I have room to store at home….. but it is only a 90 day supply.

  4. JBernDrApt….exactly how far?
    If across the road, consider a 12 VDC transfer pump some hoses/PVC piping and some small solar panels to run it. you wont have to pull a lot of water if you pump all day to a storage tank. Be sure to test the system before hand and bury or camo after the collapse. Regards, D.

  5. skill sets, I am always trying to learn more skills that assist “Self Reliance”
    Tanning, trapping, Herbs, Welding, Casting, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. Constantly gathering “Intel” from local to national and global info from weather,health,military, politics, police etc.

  6. The only problem with the vacuum idea is that drug dealers have been using it for years and that means a lot of people are already wise to it, including criminals and law enforcement. The creativity is good, though, and should be continued. MOLON LABE

  7. JBernDrApt …..Try a two wheeled deer cart, 30 gallon plastic drum, and the pump/hose/solar or battery setup. I would probably collect at night to avoid detection.

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