From the Desk of John Rourke – January 26th, 2015

Good luck and stay safe to all those in New England about to get hammered by this massive winter storm. Be smart: Stay in place, don’t travel, stay warm – and ask others for help if you need it. More information can be found HERE.

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I have a new AR arriving today. Review in a few weeks after I get a chance to test is out. Time to have some fun!

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Sarah Palin is an intelligent women. She just mentioned that she “seriously” would be interested in running in 2016 for President. Really? No – I don’t think she is really thinking about it but now many pundits are saying her name. Keeps her in the limelight and keeps the cash rolling in. She is not the solution for what ails this country.

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Just want to mention it again I really appreciate all those that sent in entries in the last writing contest. Judging was difficult and as I re-read many of them I really appreciated the quality and time put in.

Thank you!

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  1. I raised my eye brows at your dissing of Sarah Palin. Since you opened this hot potato, care to elaborate why she is NOT the solution to our nation’s troubles? she may not have the false eloquence of an Ivy leaguer(thank God!), she may family issues (who doesn’t?), she may not have the best smarts (but I damm well bet she knows there are 50 states in the union, not 57 like odumbo said). But I sense she loves this country, which is something I cannot say for any of these other professional doc politician/crooks. And in the end,with her background, she would best represent US, better than ANYONE out there (outside of Ted Cruz, maybe). Really disappointed with that rant over a woman who may be imperfect but who is certainly better than just about anyone else out there, hands down. Let’s focus on the real threats
    and enemies of the republic,, they aren’t hard to pick out and all live in DC

    • Bohica1 – So quick to judge. I was not “dissing” Sarah Palin. In fact my first sentence was a compliment. She would be a far better President than Obama or Clinton. I am merely suggesting that she has no intention of actually running. I just believe that she is getting her name out there for marketing reasons – not because she is seriously considering a run. IF she somehow ran and got the nomination I would vote for her over any Liberal.

  2. Once upon a time there was a society of mice.
    And just like us they went to the poles every 4 years and elected a government.
    A government of cats that is….

    The cats ran a decent government they made speaches and pledges but in the end they made laws that were good for cats and life for the mice got harder and harder.

    One day a brave little mouse said why don’t elect a government of mice?

    Some of the more influential mice, and the media called out he’s a bolshevik and demand he be locked up.
    And he was….

    Plenty of politicians like Palin can make a squeeking sound but I am not fooled.

    Survival in a BAD winter storm/blizzard ?

  4. I don’t think it can be argued strongly enough that the next presidential election is of critical importance. As much as I may like Sarah Palin and admire here moxy and her gravitas, she lacks the essentials, her record of real world leadership is sparse and she has zero ability to speak eloquently of the new direction we must take as a nation. The latter may seem a crass comment that puts weight on a frivolous and unneeded quality, I would strongly disagree. Not only do we need someone who has a strong record of constitutional and conservative governance and someone of exceptional ethics, and someone who will surround themself with the same…. Their words must break thru ideological walls and touch those who are reachable. Movement building is of vital importance. Whoever possesses these qualities would have a solid chance of defeating the cackling, empty headed poser proffered by the other side as presidential material.

  5. Off Topic but important-
    I just received an e mail from Amazon stating that my order ( which was a book from Prepper Press that Rourke shared)
    was being delayed due to weather issues and UPS .Understandable .Just shows how one thing affects another and why its good to be prepared.Arlene

  6. We had minus 10 literally here in upstate NY and with wind chill minus 25 Ad.Mts it was minus 35 wind chill.More snow due Sun night
    and YES we are as prepared as we possibly can be.One is never prepared for the winter heating bills (even though we have two wood stoves going to help) .The poor folks along the coast will be hit again.Worcester ,Mass had a huge amount of snow with Juno ( 38 inches)
    Take care everyone. Arlene

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