From the Desk of John Rourke – January 23rd, 2015

I am thinking that the most important thing going on in the world right now has nothing to do with Tom Brady’s balls.

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Just found out that President Obama will not be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu when he visits the United States to address Congress in March. Wonderful.

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Why is it that no other company can make crayons as good as Crayola?

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I continue to like Mechanix gloves. Inexpensive, snug fitting – and they do a good job providing protection.  I can wear a large but I like the gloved pretty snug so I go to a medium.

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Reading over at about Operational Caches has got me thinking. I am in a position that I could create one – a pretty good one. I had planned to do this and store it at my bug out location in Georgia and just haven’t gotten to it. I also want one around here. Hope it never comes to having to access one.

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  1. Does it really surprise anyone berry won’t meet with bi I? Really? Umm dear berry the closet bath house queen, is an ummm, moose slime!!!! How shocking. Only to the ignorant, who probably supported this excrement. Whatever . Lock and load propel. Nuff said

    • Russ – I support Israel 100%. I suspect that if you were surrounded by bullies who wanted you to be exterminated from the face of the planet – you would probably look for assistance wherever you could get it.

  2. I am not sure how much the US Gov can do to help find peace between Jews and Arabs.
    They will argue about land until eventualy they go broke fighting or turn it to radio active cinders.

    Mechanix gloves are nice but try the Greenlee, even better….

    Crayola makes a tastier crayon, but its hard to beat the Chinese on smoothness….
    Its all about using enough Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate and the lead of course.

  3. At their last meeting, Obozo and Netanyahu they came to an impasse so Barry left BB sitting in the conference room and went and had lunch with Mrs. Obozo. Never went back.

  4. I support Israel 100% plus. Iran and Yemen teach and chant “death to Americans and Death to Israel” . Israel is paying a high price for being surrounded by terrorists. They would prefer to have amenities instead of weapons but they need the weapons .George Bush was right on with the Axis of evil.
    Crayola …. yes most are still made in the USA. I wont buy Chinese crayons for my grand children. Crayola crayons, colored pencils and markers are made with Solar energy and are non-toxic. Arlene

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