From the Desk of John Rourke – January 20th, 2015


I am a big believer in a national, Federal flat tax. Everyone pays the same percentage. 10% seems like a fair number. Get a paycheck for $1,000 – pay $100 in taxes. Get a paycheck for $1 million – pay $100,000. There is no reason why someone should pay more just because they make more.

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Hope everyone will join me tonight while watching the State of the Union. See HERE for more info.

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I recently got into a Twitter debate where someone was upset because of anti-Islam statements. They were comparing Christian-sponsored terrorism with radical-Islam terrorism. Ridiculous. The guy had to go back years and years to find examples where someone carried out violence in the name of Christianity. To compare a few isolated cases of psycho’s who carried out acts of violence in the name of Christianity to the modern day radical-Islamic movement is insane.

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Jake and I went on a short hike on Sunday……


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ has a M247 AK-47 on sale for $489.99. Looks to be a great price. Check it out HERE.

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Just saw the new Terminator movie trailer. I have been a huge fan of the Terminator movie series. Some of them have been excellent(Terminator 1 and 2) while others not so much(Terminator 3). I even liked the TV series.

This new movie – Terminator: Genisys – looks very interesting. I am fearful that they will change things up so much from the original that it will make the originals meaningless. We’ll see. Regardless I am looking forward to seeing the new movie.



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  1. Rourke, there are some who will use every dubious comparison to bring down any religion, and in this country that goes double toward Christianity. They will draw upon mysteriously vague and convoluted logic to support an otherwise indefensible contention. All one has to do is look at the works of Christianity and compare it to Islam. In every predominately Muslim country we find a cringe inducing mix of poverty, misery, hatred, violence, death, and destruction that is without equal and unrivaled in its barbarism, and it has been that way since after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Any argument to the contrary is a thinly veiled display of stupidity.

  2. What could be fair about somebody else using violence to steal 10% of your income and spend it on things you don’t agree with? Fair is when the parties involve agree on what’s being exchanged by mutual consent.

    Similarly, what right does anyone have to know what anyone else makes in the first place, or where they work or that they’re employed anywhere at all for that matter?

  3. 10 percent is Biblical and if you are a Christian then you know that you cannot go wrong following this principle. Completely agree; flat tax is the way to go! Since I got saved almost 5 years ago my wife and I have been tithing 10 percent of our GROSS income. I cannot explain it; however, God’s math is not comprehendible. We are never stressed out about money; in fact after we got saved we used the Dave Ramsey technique of getting out of debt. After I retired from the Army (22 years active duty) we were 18,000 dollars in debt. 11 months later we were debt free and have been since!
    Christians will always be attacked by those who don’t understand or who refuse to respect our faith. What I don’t get is why these same useful idiots support “political correctism” towards the Muslim faith?
    Great article today on “Survival Blog”…”Tyranny 101” part 2 by MT.

  4. I almost forgot; can’t beat that IO AK 47/M247. Got mine two weeks ago, brand new “smoothist” AK I ever fired. That TAPCO mag sucks, however, it broke when I inserted it in the well. It was below freezing temps, however, that is no excuse. I’ll be purchasing steel mags for this particular weapon. That’s my take.
    Thunder 7

  5. Wow very attractive … a nice change. I will try to catch you at 9 ish tonight. Sun is shining here ..despite 10 degrees it still feels good. Arlene

  6. Yemen is overrun today, and the military is in charge. Hopefully our embassy has been evacuated prior to the naval gunships leveling the country. Name a single product, medical break through, or humanitarian resolve that has come out of Yemen! First, take all the prisoners in GITMO and send them to Yemen prior to bombing. MOslems can build mosques anywhere they want, but no Christian Churches are ever allowed in moslem countries. Our prophets are handsomer I guess.

    This AK does look promising. Like that it’s made in America. The French made one, but it was never combat tested. They just dropped it and ran.

  7. Rourke,

    A user tax is even more fair.

    You have heard me rant about the death of private property in the US. We only lease ‘our home/our land’ from a taxation district. This is so wrong and nowhere you go can you escape taxation.


  8. Methane,

    When we relocated recently, our search was for economically impoverished counties, the rationale being that the local government in those areas would by necessity be minimal. We found that place and the entire county government (salary, road equipment, etc) operates on less than a million per year. Very very limited local government. The roads ice and remain that way until they thaw as they are never salted nor plowed. As I am unemployed by choice three times around, this suits me just fine. A property that would be taxed at $50,000 by most Texas counties is less than $2,000 here. I like my government extra lean.


  9. Arlene,

    Lots and lots of snow. My son in Amarillo is totally snowed it and up here, well we may save our snow for months.


  10. Rourke,

    I agree with your tax stance, although I think the rate should be about 6-7% normally. Reserve the remaining 3-4% (up to a max of 10%) for only in times of war (i.e. real, declared war by the US Congress).

    Also, I agree with PR below that property taxes should be abolished everywhere. Unfortunately, there are still far too many sheeple that would balk at eliminating property tax if it means some other tax gets raised in it’s place. People don’t understand that we don’t truly own our homes even if they are fully paid off. If you fall behind on property taxes, the state WILL come and seize your fully paid for home without a moment’s hesitation and put you out on the street.

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