From the Desk of John Rourke – January 19th, 2015

At any given moment I could eat an entire box of Kellogg’s Blueberry Pop Tarts – and have……several times.

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I went and saw “American Sniper” Saturday night. Fantastic movie and very emotional. If you haven’t gone to see it – go ahead. You won’t regret it.

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After I get my Kel-Tec PMR30 off layaway next purchase will be a Remington 700 SPS .308 Winchester. Have shot one previously and loved it.


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ has their 2015 M4 Operator carbine on sale for only $460. This is a heck of a bargain!

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  1. The PMR30 looks like it will be a lot of fun to shoot, though be extremely careful if you try to add a supressor. Kel-Tec does not recommend suppressing the gun because of the light weight of the slide – the fear being that the supressor will create increased gas volume and back pressure, forcing the slide open prematurely (showering your face with hot gasses) and possibly creating enough pressure to rupture the 22 WMR case (potentially exploding in your face). With that said, the supressor company Thompson Machine has created a supressor specifically compatible with the PMR, called the Isis22 (check out their video on You Tube). IMHO more companies should make high-capacity .22 pistols – you can spend all day at the range having fun and all still walk away with money in your wallet. Enjoy the PMR30 – let us know just how much fun it is to shoot.

  2. Just saw American Sniper – wonderful movie – very emotional – brought back many memories. Wife watched it with me – asked a lot of questions she has never asked before about my time in uniform..The movie made it a lot easier to explain things. Thanks Clint.

  3. John,Glad you and your wife talked more- my husband is a veteran. He really thought the movie was exc. He cried at the end- and he usually doesnt cry at movies. Thanks for your time in service. Arlene

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