From the Desk of John Rourke – January 15th, 2015

This one is going to be short. Had some car problems so getting to this late.

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Appreciate the comments to my recent Baofeng GT-3 review. It’s a great radio – and an incredible value for the money.

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Had a chance to test an AR upper I received from  It is manufactured by Beaver Creek Arsenal. Thus far – works great and I am very happy. Check it out HERE.


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Quite a coincidence that while Obama was giving a speech on cybersecurity the US Central Commands Twitter account was being hacked – at the exact same time. Got to be embarrassing.

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Been thinking about how “stuff” has changed with modern technology. It may be more user friendly, quicker, faster – but is it better? I have a deep freezer that is at least 25 years old and still works just fine. With all of the circuit boards and computerized mother boards I suspect that a modern freezer would never have that kind of trouble free lifespan. I have had 3 washer machines and 2 dryers in 10 years.

I’ll probably find my freezer dead today.

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  1. Ha. You aren’t kidding about appliances. We bought a new washer/dryer set last year after about 31 years for the old set. My wife just got the washer fixed for $135 after 23 months

  2. Yes, my first freezer lasted 20 years, the next only 8 – same with washer and dryer. And they want you to buy an added extended warranty on everything and give you 90 days coverage out of the store! What kind of deal is that!
    Thanks for the info on the upper and the Baofeng. Keep wanting to invest in a pair and then put it off.
    Obama – geez! All I can say. Wish we could elect some Patriots to replace all the party folks we have. Wish some of you young bucks would start the Patriot party, I’d support you all the way.
    Keep Looking UP

  3. Appliances dont last long. We take the insurance plans because they have always needed to be used and pay for themselves.For ex. Sears will allow insurance for a 10 year cap. Our 3 year old dish washer needed repair and we had insurance . Repair bill was 265
    dollars ( a new motor and labor) -that covered the insurance. Arlene

  4. A life span is build into most products, often it extends to just beyond the warranty, sometimes by mere hours.

    Inside Fire Station #6, in Livermore, California there is a light bulb that has been burning almost continuously for 114 years. Crafted with a hand blown bulb and hand formed carbon filament by employees of The Shelby Electric Company in 1900, it puts to shame most of today’s boasts of quality and longevity.

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